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Skype Soon Adding Screen Sharing Feature to iOS & Android Apps

Apr 15, 2019

We have great news about the Skype apps as it was just announced screen sharing will soon be hitting both iOS and Android. If you have enrolled in the Skype Insider Beta Program, you will now be able to try out the new screen sharing feature. Since this feature is currently in beta, it means that a public release will happen pretty soon. We have all of the latest details about the new screen sharing feature coming to Skype, so keep reading to learn more information about this exciting addition.

Screen Sharing Feature Announced for Skype Mobile Apps

You will now be able to share your phone screen during video calls if you are part of the Skype Insider Beta Program. This new screen sharing feature was just announced by Skype, and is already available in a beta form. For those outside of the beta, it might take a few months to see this feature roll out to the iOS and Android apps. Most of the time, once a feature hits beta it will be available in the stable release within a couple months.

We don’t have a specific time frame on when the screen sharing feature will roll out in a public release, although we know it will be sometime this year. Microsoft is pretty good about getting features rolled out to the public not too long after the beta release.

What we love about this feature is that it will let you share your screen with people you are currently in a video call with. Sometimes you are trying to explain something to someone but it’s hard to do without a visual. Now, you will be able to share your screen with people and be able to show them exactly what you’re talking about.

Skype Screen Sharing Feature Works in the Background

You will notice that the screen sharing feature will work in the background. This is great because it allows you to go between other apps on your iOS or Android device and still be in your Skype video call. As long as you have the screen sharing feature enabled, this feature will work.

The best news here is that it even works with most updated iOS devices. When iOS 11 was released, it allowed for official live broadcasting through an API that third-party apps are able to use. The broadcasting API will integrate with the Screen Recording feature to allow the screen sharing to be possible.

There are two different ways you can get the new Skype screen sharing feature to work on your iOS device. You can go into the Control Center and hit the screen recording button to begin broadcasting. There is also the option to go right into Skype and then clicking the iOS framework option.

The recording begins once you confirm that you would like to start a broadcast. After the dismissal of the system picker on iOS, your video and audio is sent to the extension used in the broadcasting app. Skype will upload and then transmit this information to people in your conversation.

Are You Excited for the Skype Screen Sharing Feature?

We are definitely happy that screen sharing is going to be a part of Skype, and even happier that it’s now available in the Skype Insider Beta Program. That is one reason why we love the Skype Insider Beta Program, since it gives you the option to try out new features before they hit the stable release.

This feature is going to come in handy for a ton of different situations and scenarios. If you are trying to help someone with an assignment, you can just share the screen on how you worked out the problem. It will be useful in both personal and professional situations, since it allows you to share information quickly with the person or people you are in a conversation with.

We want to know in the comment section below what you think about the new screen sharing feature coming to Skype. Is this a feature you have been waiting on and is it something you will use? Do you think that Skype is going to get more customers thanks to this new feature? Are you someone who finds yourself in situations where sharing your screen would be useful? Do you think that more apps need to allow the screen sharing feature? If you do not use Skype, let us know in the comments below which app you use to conduct your video calls.