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Slack Testing Dark Mode on iOS & Android Apps

Mar 11, 2019

Great news if you are using Slack because the workplace collaboration app is now testing out dark mode. The new dark mode is only available to those who have signed up as a beta tester for Slack, so if you haven’t done that yet now would be a good time. The Slack testing of dark mode is coming off of the heels of other popular apps like Facebook Messenger finally including dark mode for easier use of apps.

When it comes to this workplace collaboration app, dark mode has been a feature users have been requesting for a long time. We are elated that the new feature is finally available, even if it’s limited right now to beta testers. Keep reading to learn more details about this feature finally coming to the app and how you can test it out right now.

Slack Testing Out Dark Mode on iOS & Android for Beta Testers

If you have signed up as a beta tester for Slack, you should notice the new dark mode feature right now. It’s really simple to become a beta tester for this workplace collaboration app, since all you have to do is go into your app settings.

You will see the option within the app settings to join the beta testing program. To actually join you just need to give your name and email address. Once you have been approved as a beta tester, you will be able to get the latest beta version just by updating the app.

After you have updated to the newest beta test version on Slack, you just need to go into the app settings once again to find dark mode. There is a toggle that you will need to switch to enable the dark mode feature in Slack. You will need to restart if you are on Android to begin using this new dark mode while the iOS version will just switch automatically.

Dark Mode in Slack Testing Works for Most Sections of the App

One of the things we love about the dark mode coming to Slack is that it will work for most parts of the Slack app. You will notice that dark mode is applied to menus, pop-ups, and the headers. Dark mode works in most parts of the workplace collaboration app, which is really cool.

One downside is that it does not impact the Slack room color palettes. You will also notice that for dark mode the app uses the dark grey color as opposed to being black. A lot of other apps use true black for dark mode, so Slack is not quite as dark as some other popular apps that have enabled dark mode.

The good news about the feature coming to Slack is that it’s a pretty easy process to enable. If you have used Facebook Messenger recently, then you know how dark mode was just released as a hidden feature. It takes a lot of work to get dark mode in Facebook Messenger since you have to send yourself or someone else the moon emoji. With Slack you just have to head into the app settings once you have updated to the latest beta version. A lot of other apps have made dark mode easy to access especially lately with dark mode becoming a highly-requested feature.

Dark Mode in Slack Testing Provides Many Benefits to Users

As you probably know, dark mode has become one of the most requested features for nearly every app on both iOS and Android. One reason why people have been requesting dark mode so much is that it’s very helpful when it comes to reading content at night. Dark mode is so much easier on your eyes because often times white backgrounds are harsh on eyes.

Another huge benefit to dark mode is that it also saves a lot of battery life on your device. White backgrounds are a huge battery hog and for people with weaker devices it’s even worse. The dark mode background since it is either black or grey provides you with a much longer battery life while using that app. When it comes to Slack, the dark mode integration is a lot better and more useful to people since Slack is workplace collaboration app.

There are so many tools and features in Slack that can help make you a more productive team member and many ways to maximize the use of the app. We believe that dark mode is going to make Slack even better for people who are using it multiple times a day for work. Once you have tried the new dark mode in Slack for yourself, we want to know what you think about it. Do you notice the difference on your eyes between the white background and the grey background? What else would you like to see Slack offer in the iOS and Android apps in the future?