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Sleep Monitor App Beddit Acquired by Apple

May 9, 2017

We just learned today that Apple has acquired the sleep monitor app Beddit. This was found out when Beddit updated its own Privacy Policy, in which it stated that Apple had acquired the company. If you have an iOS device or you are using Beddit, you might want to read on to learn about what the Beddit acquisition could mean.

Beddit Sleep Monitor Acquired by Apple

The really interesting news here is that Beddit updated the website and even linked over to the consumer privacy section of Apple. Beddit stated that the company had been acquired by Apple, and there was no information available about this before Beddit made the announcement. Once the company had made the changes on its Privacy Policy, other people started taking notice of the acquisition by Apple. It was not clear how much Beddit was purchased for or what exactly will happen with Beddit, It seems though, that Apple will likely use the sleep monitor system within various products.

If you have not heard of this system before, the company makes a sleep monitor that costs about $150. This monitor goes above your mattress and helps track your sleep. There are very thin little sensors that are on this monitor. Those sensors will detect your snores as well as your heartbeat. Beddit will then give you something called a SleepScore. Your heart rate, movement, sleep time, room temperature, and respiration rate are all used to calculate this score.

The data, which also includes the humidity, is then stored in the Sleep Monitor app that is available on iOS devices. You can head over to Apple’s website and check out the Beddit system, since it is now available on the Apple site. The sleep monitor system also can be synced up with HealthKit so that the Health app on your iOS device can also have this information.

Beddit also has an Apple Watch app available, which is great for tracking your smaller power naps or mid-afternoon naps. Interestingly though, just about a week ago, the Beddit Apple Watch page was removed with no reasoning or other information. The page was up at the beginning of this month, so we are not sure if that is something that is no longer available due to the Apple acquisition or if things are just being updated right now.

Importance of Beddit Purchase by Apple

When it comes to Apple, while you might not think that this move makes sense for the company, it actually really does. Apple might be more interested in the sensors that are inside of the sleep monitor, since these sensors have the capabilities of collecting a ton of information.

If you think about the fact that the Apple Watch app site is not running, there could be a reason to believe Apple will put those sensors into the Apple Watch or an Apple Watch app that it could be developing. Possibly a new fitness product or app using those sensors, and it also would work if you put the sleep monitor technology in the next Apple Watch product.

If you have not yet tried the sleep monitor system yet, you can head to the Apple website to check it out and purchase the sleep monitor. This app is compatible with all types of iOS devices, whether you use an iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch 5G. We will see whether or not Apple decides to incorporate those sensors used in this particular product in an upcoming product. Keep your eyes open because this is likely not the last time you will hear about this sleep system or those special sensors that are super sensitive and can collect a ton of information.