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Slimmer Kindle Oasis for $290 Launched by Amazon

Apr 15, 2016

Slimmer Kindle Oasis for $290 Launched by Amazon: The eighth and slimmest i.e. a new Kindle e-reader has been rolled out by Amazon.com in the device series along with a charger that is built in to its good looking cover.Slimmer Kindle Oasis

Slimmer Kindle Oasis for $290 Launched by Amazon

The Kindle Oasis which is priced at $289.99 it will be the most expensive in the range and it will be available for orders from Wednesday and from April 27 onwards it will start for shipping.
Since from 2007, after the Kindle first successful launching, Amazon has continued to roll out various gadgets like its most recently Echo that is a line of voice of activated speakers and Fire tablets.

Today, in the market the Kindle has emerged as the most dominant e-reader of the market as Barnes and Rakuten’s Kobo and Nobel’s Nook struggled a lot to win customers.
With the sleek design and longer lasting battery Amazon hopes to attract various readers to its high- end kindle.

The company have stated that the new Kindle comes with a dual battery system this means when the Kindle device is attached with its cover it will start recharging the device automatically.
The Kindle is 3.4 mm thin at its thinnest point and the Kindle Oasis weighs around 4.6 ounces.

Jeff Bezos the Amazon founder and CEO have stated in a statement that “the super ultra lightweight and very thin – this Kindle is the most advanced and classy we have ever built. In the author’s world you will lose yourself because it gets out of the way.

In a press release Amazon ststed that : From any other Kindle, it is lighter by 20% and on average it is 30% thinner. To achieve this Kindle Oasis has a frame of featherweight polymer which is plated with metal by electroplating structural. Kindle Oasis has the feature of latest generation of high resolution 300 ppi paper white display. For our brightest Kindle display ever a redesigned built in front light features has 60 % more LEDs and to increase the consistency there is a leverages new cylindrical diffractive patterns and in all types of lighting there is range of screen brightness.

Amazon claims that with either the physical buttons or the touch display has easy too turn the page. The Kindle Oasis has all the features such as – worry free archive, Word Wise, Whispersync, Goodreads and more which makes the Kindle family is one of the most popular e-readers.