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Sling TV Offers Free Experience on Android with No Credit Card Needed

Oct 18, 2019

We’ve got great news coming from Sling TV this week as a new free experience has been launched on Android and Amazon Fire. This new free experience will allow you to watch free content without needing a credit card to sign up. Read on to learn more about the new Sling TV Android update and the new experience you will have in the app.

Sling TV Now Offers Free TV Viewing on Android

If you have a Roku device, then you know that Sling TV began to offer free TV viewing in early 2019. This free TV viewing didn’t require a credit card or any other payment methods in order to watch the free offerings. Now, Android users are going to be getting in on this free viewing experience thanks to an Android update rolling out right now.

Not only will the free content come to Android, but it will be coming to Amazon Fire devices too, which is pretty cool. As you know, Sling TV offers a lot of content if you are a subscriber. It’s becoming a more popular option for people who want to watch live television without going through traditional cable companies.

As a paid subscriber, you can get a lot of television shows and movies, including through the premium channels like Showtime. You can also gve television through Sling TV with more than 50 different channels available. The basic package is $25 per month, which isn’t bad considering all of the content you will get and that includes 33 channels.

Sling TV Brings Free Content to Android & It’s Easy to Use

The cool part about the new Android update is that it will bring the free content right to those on Android and Amazon Fire devices. You don’t need a credit card and you also don’t need an account or to sign up for Sling TV at all. If you want to try the new Sling TV free experience, it’s really easy to use. What we love about this is that people have an opportunity to watch content on Sling without jumping through any hoops.

In fact, the only hoop you have to go through is to go to Google Play Store and download the Sling TV app to your Android device. Once you’ve done that, you just need to click the option to “Browse as a Guest” and you’ll see the free content offered.

Obviously, the free content that is being offered on Android is fairly limited in nature. It does include a variety of content such as stand-up comedy, television shows, movies, and sports. There is a limited amount of each available to you as part of the free experience on Sling TV.

Do You Plan on Checking Out Sling TV on Android with the Free Offer?

We are very excited about the new free offering from Sling TV because it gives more people a chance to check out Sling TV before they decide if they want to subscribe to it or not. You can choose to just watch the free content being offered if you want.

If you like what you see and it works for you, then you can go ahead and sign up to get all of the content that this streaming service offers. What’s really great is that there are different subscription levels so you can pick the one that fits your needs. If you rather just stick with watching the free content here and there, then that’s definitely another avenue you can go.

Just head to Google Play Store and download the new and improved app right now if you want to see what the free content is that is being offered. Once you have checked out the free content, we want to know what you think about it in the comments below. Do you think that you’ll check out Sling TV and try out the free content?

Does this make you more likely to sign up for as a paid subscriber? If you use another streaming service, we want to know in the comments below what makes it better than Sling TV? Are you someone who has cut the cord on cable completely and only watch shows or movies using streaming services? If you still have cable, what do you think would make you cut the cord for good?

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