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Slotomania Cheats & Hack for Coins

May 13, 2018

You no longer need to get book a plane to Vegas for your shot at the slots, get the full experience completely free with Slotomania! Available on both iOS and Android, Slotomania lets players win big with the classic slot machine format thats bound to appeal to gambling novices and masters alike. And with now over 100 classic and new slot machines to play on, each with their own unique appearance, animations and sounds, there’s just so much content in Slotomania. It’s jam packed with additional extras like player levels, customisation options, daily log in bonuses, free spins and more!

Slotomania follows the “easy to learn, hard to master” formula. In single player, each spin you make earns you experience points, which unlocks more bonus content as you go along. Hitting a player level milestone comes with coin prizes, so keep that board spinning and reap the cash benefits.

Make sure you test the waters in Slotomania’s standard tables like Farm Fortune or Queen of the Desert, before trying your luck in one of the fully automated online slots tournaments. The tournaments pit you against players worldwide to compete for the big prizes of placing first, second or third. Each buy in gives you a set number of credits to play on a particular slots board. You don’t keep the money earned through tournaments, but placing high up comes with huge rewards. Playing in tournaments not only brings you bonus experience points and extra coins, but they can also bring along the bragging rights of seeing your name up there on the leaderboards.
Make that spin, hit those triple sevens, enter tournaments, play with your friends, the possibilities are endless with Slotomania.

Slotomania Hints, Tips and Cheats

Bet the max lines on a board when you can. You never know when the big win could happen, and if you don’t cover all the possible combinations it could be disastrous for you. Obviously this tip depends on your Slotomania funds, but if you have enough, go for it.

Play for a little every day and abuse the daily log in bonuses. Each consecutive day you open the Slotomania app will earn you bonus coins, experience and game boards. You don’t even have to play it for a minimum each day, so what are you waiting for? Get to it, get those bonuses.


Keep losing on one specific slot machine? You could always try switching to another for a while. People on losing streaks are more likely to make rash betting decisions, so keep a cool head and now when to back off for a while.

If you find yourself getting real into Slotomania, check out some of the bundles available from the in game store. Slotomania has some really well priced bundle deals which rotate weekly, so remember to keep checking them.


Our Slotomania Review

Every gamer out there should be familiar with slot machine gameplay at this point, so the main focus of Slotomania shouldn’t be a huge surprise for anyone. Honestly, and I’m not sure if this is just Slotomania’s fault or the fault of the Slot Simulator genre in it’s entirety, but remove the monetary gambling aspect of slot machines and what do you get? Nothing really. Besides the player experience points and the odd tournament every now and then I never felt like I was actually doing anything while playing. Just select your lines, choose a price and away you go. I get that there are restrictions on what you can put in mobile games, but come on. Replace the money with something of meaning or publish a game not worth playing. Slotomania has the player advancements and constant bonuses, but it just wasn’t enough to make up for the overall average feeling.


Speaking of average, Slotomania’s main menu is a train wreck, there’s no signs that a graphic designer worth their due touched any aspect of it. It was hard for me to decipher even how to play the game, although I was provided with many opportunities to link up my Facebook account and let all my friends know that I just won an imaginary $65K on Ladybug Loot. Slotomania lacks an overarching visual theme, and ends up looking way too cluttered because of it. There’s not even main menu music, and any in game sounds are limited to a short, two second long clip that plays every time you spin. The clips aren’t enjoyable, and as you could probably guess with a game called Slotomania, you spin a lot. And a shoutout to any copyright lawyers out there, the vast majority of game boards completely rip off Disney and Pixar character designs.

Ok I’ll admit that I am a little bias against the genre, so don’t let the points I’ve brought up stop you from playing Slotomania, there’s got to be someone out there who just wants to play slots on the go without paying any money, who doesn’t care about ads shoved in their face or poor game design principle, and if that description fits you go ahead and download Slotomania. I’m sure it will fill that average slot machine app filled hole in your life. If you’re like me and aren’t a fan of the slot genre, Slotomania won’t be the game to change your mind.



Artwork: I give Slotomania a 6/10 for Artwork. Slotomania’s main menu looks like a bomb went off, and I’m not sure if this should be attributed to me playing the tablet version, but a lot of the slot icons looked atrocious. Sure the animations are cool enough, but they’re let down by other elements.

Music and SFX: I give Slotomania a 5/10 for Music and SFX. Slotomania’s already awful looking main menu is accompanied with absolutely no menu music. No log in sounds, no nothing. Each slot machine has it’s own unique sounds, which are nice at times, but can get annoying very easily.

Story and Originality: I give Slotomania a 7/10 for Story and Originality. Yeah there’s no story, but Slotomania gets points for originality. Trying to create a killer app in the Slot Simulator genre is no easy feat, but the developers should be proud. Slotomania has all the bonus bits you’d expect from a triple A release and more.

General Gameplay: I give Slotomania an 7/10 for General Gameplay. The developers clearly didn’t come up with this game formula, but it sure does succeed. People have been gambling on slot machines for ages, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll stop any time soon. And you know why? Because it’s fun.

Addictiveness: I give Slotomania a 8/10 for Addictiveness. Gambling is addictive, even without betting real money. You can be sure that if you’re the type who can’t go five minutes without checking Clash of Clans, Slotomania can get a hold on you the same way.

Overall, I give Slotomania a 6/10.