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Smart Reply Feature in Android Messages Rolling Out Slowly to Devices

Jun 10, 2018

We have told you previously about the Smart Reply feature that is now included in Android Messages. At the time we first told you about it, it was something that was only available to Project Fi customers. Before that, it was a feature available in Gmail, Inbox, and Allo. Now, Google is rolling out the Smart Reply feature to other Android devices, although it is a slow process. Read on to learn which devices are now getting the feature and what the feature does for you.

Smart Reply for Android Messages Coming to More Android Devices

The good news is that it did not take that long for more people to begin seeing the Smart Reply feature. As of this minute, T-Mobile devices seem to be getting the Smart Reply feature, with other devices already receiving the feature. The previous update that rolled out allowed LG V30, Pixel XL, OnePlus 6, and Nexus 6 to get the feature. This Smart Reply feature has only been available since earlier this year for Android Messages. When it was first rolled out to Android Messages, only those with Project Fi could get the feature.

Google has acknowledged the Smart Reply feature roll out to more devices, saying it will be rolling out eventually to everyone on Android. The only thing you have to do is ensure you have the latest version of Android Messages, and then it should eventually make it onto your device. It will not be limited to certain brands or companies, but it is going to be a very slow process.

Speaking of the latest version of Android Messages, an update to that app rolled out this week as well. It was likely in anticipation for more people getting Smart Reply. If you have not yet received the newest Android Messages update, you should definitely download that now from Google Play Store. Some people have their apps set to automatically update, so it is possible this app updated this week without you realizing it. Go into the Settings of the app to see if you have the latest version before you fret about not having the Smart Reply update on your device.

Smart Reply Feature Introduced Last Year in Limited Group Testing

When the Smart Reply feature first showed up to Android Messages, it was last year. Back then, it appeared to be just some server-side testing, since it was very limited. Project Fi was able to test out the feature, but everyone else was left out. It appears that the testing is now growing to other devices with the latest version of Android Messages. Do not worry if you do not see the feature right now on your Android device, as roll outs of these types of features are very slow.

When it comes to what Smart Reply is all about, it is actually a very useful feature that will help you in Android Messages. Basically, it will generate a short reply or response to the text messages that you get. Google is able to analyze your conversations in order to provide you with three responses that would fit the situation. Inbox provides suggested quick reply options, so this is a similar setup for Android Messages as well.

How Smart Reply Feature Can Help You

If you use the Android Messages app for all of the texting you do on Android, you will be able to get cool benefits and features such as this one. There is also the option of disabling Smart Reply if you end up not liking the feature. We do not think that will happen though, as Smart Reply saves you a ton of time from writing out a message for a short reply.

We want to know what you think of the new Smart Reply feature in Android Messages. Are you someone who uses Android Messages for all of your texting or do you prefer third-party apps? Will this new Smart Reply feature get you to use Android Messages for texting now? If you have updated Android Messages and see this new feature, we want to know what you think about it. In the comments below, tell us what your overall impression is of this new feature.