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Smartron tBook Review

May 2, 2016

Smartron tBook Review: Little known the Indian startup Smartron which was founded in 2014 but it only made the news a month ago when it was announced that Sachin Tendulkar was going to invest in the company and would act as the brand ambassador. Smartron is now going to promot itself as the homegrown Internet of Things players and this is the very interesting space to be in at this time.Smartron tBook Review

Smartron tBook Review

Today, we are going to review the Smartron t.book, the 2-in-1 tablet with the mid range price and the high end aspirations. It is the immediately reminiscent of the Microsoft’s iconic Surface line of tablets and though it should be noted that several top-tier companies including the HP and Lenovo are trying the same formula.

This book is visually striking but can it match up to the PC hardware from the established players?Smartron tBook Sowftware


First impressions of the book is pretty good, the Smartron t.book’s  is slick and the device is packed quite well. The tablet itself is on a tray and with the keyboard and charger cover hidden in the compartments below. On the rear there is the orange panel, it is not very garish and bright, but it can easily the most polarizing element of this t.book’s design.Smartron tBook Ports

The tablet does not have the finesse of the premium product. According to the company the body is built out of aluminium and magnesium. The prominent webcam and the blocky speaker grilles above the screen gives the t.book a retro look. The screen is incredibly reflective and glossy.

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On the rear below the orange panel is the narrow U-shaped leg to prop up the tablet. When it is folded it fits with flush easily, but it pops out easily. It is easy to flex and bend. The hinges feel stiff and this is good.Smartron tBook Keyboard

You will get microSD card slot with the two full sized USB 3.0 ports, an additional USB Type-C on the left of tablet a Micro-HDMI video output. The charger input is of double Type-C ports and it is convenient. On the right there is 3.5mm audio socket. You will see the volume buttons and silver power on the top and for the keyboard cover attachment the contact points are at the end.

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The t.book has 36Wcharger and the USB Type-C cable is also fixed in place.


The Smartron t.book slots is somewhere above the multiple of the inexpensive Atom-based tablets, that we have seen with the small screens and the keyboard cases that double up as the awkward stands. Even with the specs of low-cost one, Smartron has tried to deliver the functionality of the premium device, which is pretty clever.Smartron tBook Display

The t.book comes in only one configuration i.e. at the heart of which is the Intel Core M-5Y10C processor which can run up to the 2GHz in the bursts. This is slightly the older fifth-generation CPU and as it is a significant step up compared to Atom line, it still lets tablet to run cool without a fan. You will also get:

  • Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Rear-facing camera of 5 megapixel
  • Webcam of 2 megapixel
  • It has screen of 12.2 inches
  • With the high resolution of 1600/1200 pixels
  • The microSD card allows the additional storage of 128GB
  • A 64-bit copy of Windows 10 Home
  • The free trial of Microsoft Office of 30 days

There is no security suite which is little unusual, but yes it will not cause any problem to those who like their computers bloat-free. Smartron pre-loads with its two own apps: t.cloud and Hubtron.Smartron tBook First Impression


  • The Smartron t.book run on Windows 10 but it doesnot automatically switch between the desktop and tablet modes when the keyboard detached or attached.
  • The screen is way too reflective
  • The screen is very sharp
  • Colours and viewing angles are also more than decent
  • When running heavy apps and games you may felt strong heat from one spot
  • The keyboard turned out to be pretty good
  • The padded wrist rests are also nice
  • The trackpad is also imprecise and oversensitive
  • During testing, the performance is also up to the markSmartron tBook Design


The Smartron is a brand new company, but it seems to have the ambitious plans and heavy backing. The looks of Smartron t.book are not  for everybody, many may frustrate with the finicky touchpad on the keyboard attachement.

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But yes the t.book is a diffenet kind of device and in the market there is nothing like this at this price.