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Snap Gearing Up to Focus on Android in Coming Updates

Feb 15, 2017

We told you not too long ago about how Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat, knows it needs to look at Android to increase growth. With the company filing the IPO a while back, we found out a lot of how Snapchat seems iOS driven, while leaving Android in the dust. Good news for Android users right now as Snap has said it will focus on Snapchat updates for Android in the coming weeks and months.

Snapchat for Android Getting Prioritized

We know that Snapchat has been updating regularly on iOS and getting new features. We also know that because of the IPO Snap Inc. filed, the company knows it needs to get Android in on these updates and new features. We now have heard from Snap Inc., and the company says that Snapchat on Android is going to be the focus moving forward. Snap wants Android users from all over the world to use Snapchat, so the focus is going to be increasing use among people outside of the United States.

Snapchat has a pretty massive fanbase on both iOS and Android within the United States, but on Android the social app is falling behind outside of America. The company now wants to improve the experience for all Android users in hopes that this will increase downloads and use among people from other parts of the world. Snap has begun this by hiring even more Android developers. Beyond that, Snap has also offered employees free Android smartphones so that they can begin using the app on Android. When it comes to the Snapchat Android app, it has always been a bit behind iOS in terms of use, mostly because of bugs, stability problems, and various performance issues.

Snap has went to various websites where people interact and talk about technology like Android and Snapchat, and has promised users that updates are coming for Android users. It appears that those updates and upgrades really are happening as Snapchat has said the focus from here on out, at least for a while, is going to be on improving the Android app. This includes increasing performance and reliability. This also means that the company will be pushing out updates for Snapchat on Android to get rid of the bugs and glitches that most users on Android experience regularly.

The IPO told use how the user engagement rate was much higher on iOS, which is why the company kept the focus on iOS. What Snap seemed to not realize was that the user engagement on Android would be much higher if the problems on Android were fixed, and Android got the same updates and features as iOS.

The company did admit that just focusing on iOS was a bad idea and a risky move. It appears that the company wants to make it up to the Android base by improving the Snapchat Android app in all ways.  We do not know when the first update for Android will hit, but we can imagine there is already an update in the works for Android. We look for the Snapchat Android app to be the main focus at least for a few months, making sure that the bugs and issues are fixed for Android users. This will help Android users from other places outside of the United States become more likely to download Snapchat on Android, which is what the company is aiming for.