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Snapchat to Add Search Function into Stories

Apr 4, 2017

There were a lot of rumors of an upcoming Snapchat function that apparently would excite many Snapchat users. Those rumors ended up becoming a reality. According to numerous sources, Snapchat has been working on a search function for Stories. By adding a search bar into Stories, you will be able to search for videos within Stories. Apparently, the function was first tested within a closed group. After positive reviews, the function will be released to the public. Once you have updated your Snapchat, you will be able to use the search function.

Searching Snapchat Stories

In an attempt to remain in front of Snapchat clones on the app markets, Snapchat needs to continue to update their own app. Snapchat decided to introduce the possibility to search within Snapchat Stories. By doing so, the app itself becomes more entertaining. There will always be something for you to watch. According to Snapchat, the Stories have received a number of different functions over the past.

Previously, the short Stories videos were meant for people to share their personal experiences. Nowadays, all kinds of different situations are shared on Stories. Examples can be seen on a daily basis, such as sporting events, specific locations, or even something fun like kittens. In the following video, Snapchat is giving a brief explanation of the new function:

Snapchat in 2018

It looks like 2017 has been the year of making Snapchat better searchable. Snapchat remained a pretty cluttered app for a long time. However, the developers are adding new functions to make it easier to find content within Snapchat. It was already made possible to find friends and Discovery channels, this year. To use the search function, swipe to the left, press the search bar at the top of the screen and enter the thing you want to search for.

You will need to keep in mind that this does not mean that you will find the Stories of every Snapchat user by using the search function. The Stories first need to be added to Snapchat’s Our Story. However, Snapchat claims that they have already added over a million stories to the feed. Snapchat uses machine learning to determine what happens in those videos. The new search function is currently still being tested out in the US. It is expected that it will roll out to the general public very shortly.

Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories, it was already possible to see the stories of other people. If you go to the search page, you will see the stories of strangers, and you can watch them. That being said, Instagram Stories also does not have a search function, making it impossible to find what you are looking for. It seems that Snapchat, and every other app that tries to implement Snapchat-like features, are going to have a “battle” of best social sharing app.

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