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Snapchat Adds Voice Filters & More in Android Update

Jul 5, 2017

Snapchat just updated on Android and there are several new features coming to the social network. If you do not know that much about Snapchat, you should know that a lot of younger people are using it to shoot videos about their daily life. Snapchat is more of a fun type of social media due to the crazy filters and animations that you can use on your photos and videos. With the new Snapchat update, one of the additions includes voice filters. Read on to learn more about the new filters as well as other new features available in the Android Snapchat update.

Snapchat Adds Voice Filters & Links in Android Update

There are quite a few new features in the Snapchat update for Android. One of the biggest features to come to the new Snapchat version includes the ability to put links in your Snaps. Ad campaigns previously had the ability to get links for every Snap, and also brands were able to get links put into the Snaps. Now, the ability to have links in your Snaps is something everyone can use, regardless of what you are using Snapchat for.

Beyond the ability to now include links in your Snaps, you also can change your voice with the Voice Filters. The new Voice Filters do exactly what it sounds like, which is change your voice and the voice of your friends. A lot of people have been asking for a way to do some voice-changing on Snapchat, and the support for Voice Filters will do just that. You can make your voice change into numerous sounds with various effects, which is pretty cool. This is definitely a feature that the younger people will use to goof off with friends and family.

Snapchat Android Update Additional Features

Another change with the Snapchat update on Android is the ability to add backdrops, which you will find as an icon inside of the Scissor tool. You can also attach websites if you want to your Snaps, and just click on the paperclip in order to attach the website. If you want to view a website, all your friend has to do is swipe upward to be able to see the website.

There is also the new Geofilter option on this Snap Android update, but the Geofilters will cost you $5.99 and up. You can find the Geofilters by clicking on “On-Demand Geofilters” which is in the Snapchat Settings. These Geofilters will allow you to basically create customized filters, and it will cover a certain time period and certain area.

When it comes to what people will most like about the new Android update, it seems that the links feature will be the most used. Snap calls the links feature the “Paperclip” and this is going to really just allow you to add links and share links with your friends and family. There is also Google Safe Browsing that is built-into this new feature. This will ensure that the links you click on or are looking to share with other people are safe.

It will ensure your Android device does not end up with a virus or malware, especially in the day and age where website links are becoming a common way to put malware onto mobile devices. There might be quite a few people to use the voice-changing filters as well, although this seems more like a fun and silly feature as opposed to the links feature.

The links feature definitely seems more useful and practical for people, especially if they are looking to share information about products or services. You can find the new voice-changing filters and the new links feature in the Snapchat Android update, which is available right now through Google Play Store. If you have Snapchat already on your Android device, you should see the update rolling out right now. It could take a few days for everyone to get the new Snapchat update via the over-the-air option.