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Snapchat Android App Getting Complete Makeover

Nov 8, 2017

We have some good news for you regarding the Snapchat Android app as it is about to get a complete makeover. The social app is getting rebuilt essentially from the ground up. This comes just soon after new Q3 reports have shown the Snap stock has taken a nose dive. Turns out, ignoring those using Android has not worked out very well for Snap. Read on to learn about the new Snapchat Android app and how it might be changing.

Snapchat Android App Being Rebuilt As Earnings Fall

As the Q3 earnings report shows that the stock for Snap are falling quickly. The company has decided to rebuild the Snapchat Android app. The losses that Snap is accruing are happening much quicker than the revenue. That is a sign that maybe Snap should not have ignored Android for so long. Snap knew that the business decision to focus on iOS over Android could backfire.

It seems that is exactly what has happened. CEO of Snap, Evan Spiegel, said that many changes are coming to Snapchat, especially the Android version. Spiegel said that this does include redoing the Android version of Snapchat and rebuilding it from the ground up.

The Snapchat Android app has improved recently with the newer updates, it is still lagging well beyond the iOS version. The Android version is way behind in terms of performance and features. Spiegel talked about how some of the improvements that have already happened have brought in more people to the Android version of the app. When compared to the iOS rates for September, Android ended up bringing in more people according to Spiegel. Some of the improvements including app loading, with a 20 percent decrease in the amount of time it takes to start the app since April.

Snapchat Android App Making Improvements to Gain Customers

So the loading time has decreased by 20 percent on Android since April, and other improvements have also happened. Spiegel talked about how both on iOS and Android the crash rates have significantly dropped. In fact, the crash rates on both platforms are now at an all-time low for the social app. Many Android devices have now been distributed to the Snap team.

This is allowing the engineering team to work on making the Android version much better. Obviously, the engineering team has to use the Android app to see what improvements need to be made and where. In Q3, the reports showed that Snapchat had been used on over 60,000 different types of Android devices. The fact that there are so many different types of Android devices only adds to the difficulties of making a stable high-performance Android app.

Snap is going to be targeting more of the population in an effort to engage those on Android. This includes going after the International user base, which is mostly running on Android. Snapchat will also be looking to get people over the age of 34 on the app. Snapchat is often seen as a social app for young people, and the company wants to change that. Along with all of this, Snap is going to be building the Android app from the ground up.

There will be a limited market rollout of the new app first, and then we will see a wider rollout of the new and completely rebuilt Snapchat Android app. It seems that Snap has finally realized that focusing only on iOS is not getting the company ahead in terms of revenue. More than likely, the lack of attention to Android is what is also causing the revenue to fall more than expected. Hopefully, these improvements on Android will get more people to download and try out the social app.