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Snapchat increase cations on photos

Apr 3, 2016

Snapchat increase cations on photos: An update is coming that SNAPCHAT a photo and video messaging application from now onwards will give more captions on pSnapchathotos. It has increased the limit to “more than double” captions on your photos.

Snapchat increase cations on photos

According to news direct coming from New York have tweet that the company increases the limit of character which was 33 only before but now it is approx just double.

As the declaration was done on April 1st, the company have made sure that it is not any type of April Fool’s Day joke , and this report is confirmed on Venturebeat.com.

Snapchat have not yet reveal that how much exact number of captions they will increase.

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Now by using snapchat you will get more fun and you will live in moment more efficiently.

Happy Snapping People!!