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Snapchat latest update comes with video rewind filter

Jan 28, 2016

Snapchat latest update comes with video rewind filter: The brand new feature that one of the trending social media forums, Snapchat, brings us has brought a huge amount of excitement with itself. Now, the rewind filter that has recently released is something that has become the new trend. The new update comprises of this filter.

Snapchat video rewind filter
Snapchat video rewind filter

The pictures and videos that are sent or uploaded are not permanent but are deleted after a certain period of stipulated time. The pics and videos are no more there after you watch it once, so you have to make the perfect impression at the first go. Thus, upload and send pictures that will have a lasting expression, thus, the more filters that you use, the better it is for you. So now you can play around with as many filters that you want.

With the recent updates the Android Snapchat application got, they have received the features that were exclusively available on the iOS Snapchat application. The recent updates have got new stuffs.

And now, the brand new update that Android provides you, comes with the stunning rewind filter that you can implement on your Snapchat pictures and videos. It does perfectly the thing that the name suggests us it can do. It ‘rewinds’. So now you can rewind back your videos to watch them much better. So now, click and record amazing videos, then you can swipe right or left to preview the filter, and then select the one that you like the most, apply it and upload or send your loved ones. It is more exciting than it sounds. Try it now for yourself.

The new update comes with the new feature of rewinding videos; the update does not include or have any other new features. Except for a few bug fixes, the update has no major changes. The Google Play store that provides the list of all the changes the update gives us does not specify much about how the update is helpful or what new things are implemented. Neither do the specify about any major bugs that are not fixed nor does it shows any information about any improvements about its performance.


Thus, the update has just one feature that makes it extremely necessary to download the update. Although the new filter, rewind feature is attractive, the update is not welcomed affectionately by several people simply because they think that it is now wise to download an update just for one addition and it seems totally irrelevant to do so.

There is only one improvement in the video department, the feature was announced and talked about in the early 2013, hence the feature is not something very new to us.

Even though the update does not provide us with much, but still you can get acquainted with the brand new feature. Update the app and rewind ant video that you want. All it will take is an update.