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Snapchat Snap Map: Discover Stories and Stalk Friends

Jun 22, 2017

The Snapchat Snap Map is a new feature in Snapchat. It allows users to discover the best stories in their neighborhood. The map can also be used to check where your friends are. To make the Snapchat Snap Map appear, all you have to do is “zoom out” when you are on the camera screen. After a small pinch motion, the map will show up. The Snapchat Snap Map feature will be added to the regular Snapchat app, and will be made available on both iOS and Android. This is a short introductory video on how Snapchat Snap Map actually works:

On the map, you will see the bitmoji of your friends in the neighborhood. Pictures that they have taken and shared with you, or are part of their Story, will also be showed on the map at the location that they have been taken. This allows you to see in a single overview what is happening in your neighborhood. At the same time, you’ll be able to see where your friends currently are on the map. If you see an interesting event happening on the Snap Map, you are able to see where it is happening in real time, and actually participate, if you’d want to.

Discover Stories Worldwide

By using the map in Snapchat Snap Map, you are able to discover worldwide events as well. You are not limited to your neighborhood, or region, alone. The worldwide events are the ones that are shared with every Snapchat user. Browse the world in the United States to find major music festivals, or perhaps in Europe to find cultural events. With the latest update, it is clear that Snapchat is trying to attract more people. Interestingly, the Snap Map offers a new way to discover stories worldwide, and even meet new people from around the world.

For those that are afraid of being stalked, you can rest assured. The Snap Map feature will have an options menu where you can select which people can see your location. If you don’t want your colleagues, family members or certain friends to know where you exactly are, this is a great way to stop getting stalked. If you rather want your location to stay a secret from everyone, there will also be an option for that. It seems like the Snapchat developers have thought about everything with the Snap Map release, especially when it comes to privacy.

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