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Social Hookup App Veep Over 5,000 Users in First 7 Days

Oct 4, 2015

While there are plenty of hookup apps out there like Tinder, which are mostly a sex-only type of app, there is another social hookup app making waves, and this app is more than just casual sex hookups. This new app is called Veep, which is available on iTunes for free, and has already passed 5,000 users within the first week of being launched.


You not only can hookup and meet up with people on Veep, but you also have a more focused way to find people who are into the same things you are, which is different from a lot of the other apps out there. This new app allows you to find friends, sex hookups, and dates by searching through an interest-based type of directory. Veep also uses a secure messaging system to allow you to meet people in a more honest and open way as opposed to other social hookup apps. There is also a hidden mode on this app which allows you to hide your profile completely, and it happens instantly, which is nice if you do not want to be bothered while you are engaged within the app.

Hunter Harris is the 19-year-old behind the Veep app, and he talked about that he developed Veep in order to give people a way to search for someone based on interested. Harris said that he noticed on all of the other hookup and meet up apps, there was no way on these social discovery apps to really find people who were like-minded, and that is why he decided to capitalize on that void. Harris said that Veep is different because it has an interest system which allows users the ability to search for other people based on various hobbies and interests, like sports or food. There is so search restrictions or chat restrictions which means that how you search and who you search for is completely up to you.

When you sign up for Veep, you set up a profile that contains a variety of information about yourself, and then an emoji marks your interests. Harris was asked why people should use Veep instead of the hookup site Tinder, in which he replied that you do not need Facebook in order to use Veep, and that it also is completely free. Harris also added that the interest-based search function is unique to Veep, something that Tinder and other similar sites do not have capabilities for. You do not have to deal with advertisements in Veep, nor is there any in-app purchases, and you are also chatting with other people unrestricted. Harris said too that there will not be any fake profiles on the app or any robots within the app, as if they are found out they will be quickly banished from the app immediately. This means that you will be talking to real people, unlike some websites and apps out there that turn out to be bots and not living breathing humans.

The only complaint that Harris said he has gotten up to this point really was that there was still not that many people on the app, but since it only launched a week ago, that is basically to be expected. Harris hopes that more people will begin downloading and using Veep since that would obviously solve the major complaint of not enough people being online. Since this is an interest-based app, you also can find people just to talk to and hang out with, as there is a more personal element to this app when compared with the more sex-based app Tinder.

Most of the comments so far about Veep are positive, including many people talking about how fun it is to see if their friends are online so that they can go hang out with them. Other people have reviewed the app saying it is a great way to meet new people, using a reliable messaging service, and that the privacy settings are not too complicated to understand or use.


So far there are over 40 interests that you can choose from, which are all displayed right on the front of your profile. There is also a timeline feature on the app that can display users around you for up to 100 miles, which means that it will not be very hard at all to find people within your specific area. Veep gives you teh ability to post status updates and photos, and you can even ask or receive questions to or from other users by simply using the question feature. Currently Veep is on version 1.0 with it being available for only iOS devices, such as iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone, and you must have iOS 8.0 or later to run the app.