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The Solus Project Comes to Steam Early Access

Oct 21, 2015

There are a lot of gamers out there who like the survival style action and adventure games, especially since a lot of it revolves around you trying to survive after some sort of event. These games provide you with hours of entertainment and frustration at the same time. While there are plenty of these games out there, some of them are unique and more interesting than others. If you are interested in the survival action and adventure genre, then good news as a new game called “The Solus Project” has just been released via Steam Early Access.

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“The Solus Project” is brought to you by GRIP Digital S.R.O and Teotl Studios, and this is a joint game that is coming to both Xbox One and PC, although not until sometime in the beginning of 2016. If you do not want to wait that long to play the single-player survival game, then head on over to Steam where it just was released on Early Access. You also can find the game on Xbox One right now too, as it is in Game Preview, and GOG. “The Solus Project” is basically a first-person single-player survival game that comes to you from Sjoerd ‘Hourences’ De Jong, an industry legend.

The premise of “The Solus Project” is that you are stranded on a deserted alien planet, and there is destruction coming quickly to your home planet, which is Earth. You need to get through this game by surviving the hostile, volatile, harsh, and unforgiving environment on this alien planet, and then try to find ways to send signals back to Earth. Not only is there danger at every possible tun in this game, there is also a lot of harsh weather you have to deal with, and you have to try to save the human race in the middle of dealing with your surroundings. Adding to all of that, there are also some very deep and dark secrets lurking in the deserted alien planet, and maybe you will end up finding out that you are not alone as you might have previously thought.

CEO of Grip Digital, Jan Cabuk, recently talked about being super excited “The Solus Project” was accepted into the Game Preview program over on Xbox One, which coincides with the Steam Early Access Release. Cabuk also went on to talk about that while the game is in Steam Early Access, there will be an episodic approach to the game, which will be done by adding a level per level in this new alien world. “The Solus Project” is promised to evolve and change right in front of the eyes of everyone who plays the game.

Unlike a lot of other games that have appeared on Steam Early Access, “The Solus Project” is going to have a shorter and more focused test phase. This means that there will be more features and quests updated on a regular basis, although it will likely be more often than you might be used to on Steam Early Access, and feedback from the test players will be incorporated into the final project which will be released sometime early in 2016.

De Jong also added to this sentiment saying that the feedback from the users during the Steam Early Access period will allow Teotl Studios to provide players with a more unique survival game, and also will create a better narrative experience. That is partially why there is a more focused and shorter Early Access period while on Steam, due to the fact the developers of the game looking for specific ways to change up the game to give the players a different and unique experience, unlike other survival games out there, and the addition of specific quests will also enhance this goal.

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“The Solus Project” is going to be updated regularly across all of the platforms during this test phase, and developers expect that by the second quarter in 2016 it will be released. The Steam Community Page and the official Steam page have now gone live for “The Solus Project” so you can now head to Steam Early Access to pick up your test copy of this new alien planet single-player adventure survival game.

It is not known yet just how long “The Solus Project” is going to be on Steam Early Access or GOG, so it is best to get in on the fun early, especially if you want to see this game evolve into new directions since the developers promise regular updates and new features. You also can download it for your Xbox One even if you are playing it via Steam Early Access, and what a better way to see the differences between platforms than to simultaneously play this game on two different platform.