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SonicSpy Malware Infected Over 1,000 Android Apps

Aug 13, 2017

We have some news for you about a malware called SonicSpy, which has infected over 1,000 apps on Android. This new malware, SonicSpy, has been found in many different app marketplaces, including Google Play Store. We have all of the latest news about SonicSpy, and what this malware could mean for you as an Android user.

SonicSpy Malware Found in Thousands of Android Apps

The worst part about SonicSpy is that it was even found in Google Play Store. Google Play Store is supposed to the the most secure Android marketplace out there, but even it is not secure enough to stop this malware. The SonicSpy malware has been around since February, although we are just now learning about this new malware. Given the fact we are just now hearing about this malware, it leads us to think that there are possibly thousands of people who have an Android device infected with the malware and probably have no clue. Lookout, the mobile security firm, found this malware and found out all of the bad things that SonicSpy can do to an Android device.

SonicSpy can record your phone calls, take photos, and even send text messages. Not to mention, this malware can also track your phone calls, spy on the Wi-Fi access points, and do a lot more damage. SonicSpy was first developed in Iraq and it was created by the same people and hackers responsible for SpyNote. There were a few different apps that SonicSpy was found in already, with one of the most well-known being Soniac. Soniac, which is a messaging app, was downloaded thousands of times already, which means that thousands of Android users are at risk for having an infected device.

SonicSpy Threatens Thousands of Android Devices

As far as SonicSpy goes, there are different versions of the malware, with some being able to carry out over 70 different types of functions. After the malware is downloaded, it will remove the icon from the Android menu. The malware then will connect to the control and command server in order to gain access to the private data of the Android user.

While Google Play has removed three apps that are now known to contain SonicSpy, many third-party app stores have not removed those apps or other apps that could contain the malware. The three apps removed from Google Play Store are Soniac, Troy Chat, and Hulk Messenger. When it comes to Soniac, it was downloaded over 5,000 times before being removed. The other apps are likely to have thousands of downloads as well, which means thousands of Android users are at risk.

Speaking of malware, it is estimated that over 1.3 billion people own an Android device. Android is often times much easier to hack into than iOS, which is why Android has way more malware problems than iOS. Android app developers from all over are having a hard time keeping up with malware like SonicSpy, since they can infiltrate the good apps through the use of coding.

How to Avoid SonicSpy & Other Malware

If you want to avoid malware, the best thing to do is only use Google Play Store to download apps. While malware like this one can make it onto Google Play Store, it is more likely to be removed and removed quickly as opposed to third-party app stores. You should also read user reviews of the app and look up the app developer to ensure the app is from a trusted source. Lastly, you should have some type of anti-malware or anti-virus protection on your Android device, which can alert you if an app is dangerous. Also, updating your Android device to the latest Android operating system is going to help you stay safe as well.