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Sony Launched Flash Drives With Both USB Type-A and Type-C Connectors

Feb 1, 2016

Sony Launched Flash Drives With Both USB Type-A and Type-C Connectors: Sony has finally launched flash drives with two kinds of USB connectors. If you are planning in getting a flash drive for any of your devices, then look no further. This all new Sony flash drive with type A and type C connectors with grab all your attention. Whether it is you laptop, tablet or even your desktop, this flash drive will solve all your problems. The accessory has been launched by the Japanese conglomerate. The USB flash drive is a needful one that has the USB CA1 series, consisting of the type A as well as the type C connectors.

sony usb c flash drive
sony usb c flash drive

The brand new USB flash drives launched by Sony has three different variants, they are the 16, 32 and the 64 GB variant. All of them are well equipped and comes with USB 3.1 generation. According to the company’s records, you can transfer or read files at super high speed- as much as 130 MB per second. Sony has reported that since they had doubled the connectors, they have gotten benefitted by increasing the usage ability of the devices and gadgets by several folds.

Sony provides you with facilities that make you use your gadgets, laptops, desktops and tablets in a better manner than ever with stunning usage facilities by launching the USB flash drives with dual kind of flash drives. There have been many questions aimed at Sony. They have asked how it was possible that the connector, which was slim and sleek, could fit into a small device such as your mobile phones and also the desktops and laptops. It is stunning how a thing could fit into something which is sleek and also something which is robust enough.

The devices are compatible with a lot of operating systems such as Windows, Android, Macintosh as well as Chromebook. The devices contains both the type of connectors, type a as well as type b, and that helps in sharing files and folders quickly and gives easy back up options. The company, Sony, is yet to declare the price of the USB devices, which will be available for all the consumers this February. The questions regarding the cost of the devices are yet to be answered.

The time that Sony announced its new device gives the whole scenario an interesting twist. Previous year, a representative of the company had stated that Sony is not supposed to provide any of their smart phones with the type C connectors. And now, the USB flash drives with type C connectors are about to launch. According to the general norm of the industry, if Sony brings about smart phones featuring the type C connectors, it will not be surprising. Thus, Sony is thought to launch smart phones with type C port in the recent future.

The USB flash drives are soon to hit the market. Have a check on the device.