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Soon App Now Available

Oct 4, 2015

In our daily life, we get so busy doing a thousand different things at once, and smartphones with their multiple apps can sometimes get us sidetracked with our tasks, such as if you are playing Candy Crush for hours on end instead of working. You probably have noticed there are apps out there that can help you remember the things you need to get done, such as the Notepad app, but often times even that is forgotten about in the busy hectic schedule that is your life. If you need some new ways to keep organized, there is a new app out there which some are called an “everyday bucket list” and this new app is called Soon.


Whether you are wanting to watch a movie, go out to a new restaurant, wash your bed sheets this weekend, or you want to check out a new book on the Kindle app, the Soon app can help you organize these items on an everyday bucket list. Basically the premise of Soon is that you can list a bunch of different items on this bucket list, and they all have their own space dedicated to them depending on what they are, such as movies, television shows, and many more other categories.

Carl Ancher, the founder and CEO of Soon, explained that when you have note-taking apps, it all becomes a jumbled up mess because you are just writing things inside of the note-taking app without really being able to categorize them. So you use the note-taking app and write a million different ideas or things you need to get done or things you want to do, and then you just end up forgetting what you wrote in the app. One of the worst things about these types of note-taking apps is that in an attempt to organize your ideas and to-do items, you actually are disorganizing yourself even more.

The good aspect of Soon is that each item can be put neatly into a category, such as “Bars & Clubs” or “Books” and even “TV Shows” “Movies” or “Hotels” depending on what you are trying to remember or what you are wanting to do or checkout. There are a ton of different categories within the Soon app, which is great for people who write down a bunch of different items, whether it’s to remember to do something or if you want to make sure you write down the name of that movie your friend told you about while you were out shopping.


That is not all the Soon app does, it actually will put in the details about that item that you might want to know, such as if you type in a movie it will tell you the movie’s plot and information about where you can go to see the movie if it is a movie that is currently out in the theater. The only part this app does not do, at least not as of right now, is that the app does not let you make reservations to whatever the item is you want to do, such as let you make movie reservations within the app. The Soon app gives you all of the important details you want to know besides that.

Soon also has a social aspect to the app as well, allowing you to follow your friends so that you can see what they are doing, what they are seeing at the movies, or what books they are currently reading. You can also follow your friends in order to get some new ideas and suggestions about books and movies that you might also be interested in, especially if you and your friend tend to like the same things.

Even if you are not someone who has a lot of friends on Soon at first, there is a “trending” section which shows you hot items within your own city, and even can show you cool hot items in your own neighborhood. This is going to be very useful especially when you are traveling and you don’t know what is hot and cool in the area that you are visiting.

Once you complete an item on your list, it will move into the “past” section of the app, but the item is not deleted, which is nice so that you can refer to it later if you need to, such as telling a friend about the good book you read but you forgot the name so you open up the app to check it out. You can download the Soon app for free on iTunes, so you can check it out to see if it is something you would be able to use to organize your everyday bucket list items.