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Soon you can use your smartphone as your Passport

Mar 30, 2016

Soon you can use your smartphone as your Passport: Your smartphone soon become your next passport thanks to British company De La Rue. Forgot your passport on way to the airport gonna days. Relax as De La Rue, a Britain-based commercial technology. You can store paperless passports in smartphones.Passport Photo

Soon you can use your smartphone as your Passport

It is embedded directly into a holder’s smartphone. Most of the people worry of forgetting their passport when they travel, but few would leave the house without their smartphone.

A British company creating digital passports on your smartphone that can be used at airport immigration, making travel an entirely paperless experience. De La Rue, which produces banknotes and passports for dozens of countries across the globe, created secure system of paperless passports.

In   Digital passports you require a hardware in order to securely store the electronic passport so it cannot Xerox from the phone, the paperless passport service is already under the testing mode.

The key would be for De La Rue to adapt its identity technology into a digital format and for governments to approve its use. Many airlines already offer digital boarding passes to the passengers. They can download onto their smartphones before they arrive at the airport. Forgetting your passport on the way to the airport is one of the banes of modern travel, but those days could soon be over.

Though paperless passports aren’t likely to be ready for quite some time, with 80 percent of the British population holding a passport, it was an exciting prospect that could revolutionize modern travel.

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