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Southern mother shoots then sledgehammers children’s iPhone

Apr 11, 2016

Southern mother shoots then sledgehammers children’s iPhone: It’s always been there that sometimes parents struggle with their kid’s proclivities. Today technology has made it more immediate and more pronounced. That’s why in order to discipline kid’s in allegedly wastrel ways the Southern mom decide to take this draconian action.Southern mother shoots then sledgehammers children's phone

Southern mother shoots then sledgehammers children’s iPhone

An imposing mom imposes herself on iPhone of her kids can be seen in a video emerging onto You Tube posted by the Daily Mail.

She places the iPhone on a tree stump then takes up a shotgun and blasts it.

The mother denounces the effects of social media on her children and declares their disrespect and the disobedience. It would be powerful sentiment.

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The more powerful thing was that she was not content with shooting the iPhone just once. She shoots the phone twice.

Then her three children stand by and aghast that their lifeline from which they connect to the world is being destroyed by their mom.

Wait, mom anger was not stopped here only she puts back the remains of iPhone on the tree stamp and then smashes these remains with a sledgehammer.

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The mother declaims that her children lives are important to her than any electronic.

But the mom is unimpressed by madness of her children. She also said that “she is refused to be cursed and disobey and take back my role as your parents”

She bemoans her kids from contacting people they don’t know. After being involved in this drama they did not need to be in and would also be in trouble at school for having their phones out.

But of course no one knows that is this a real video or not. If this is a real video, then what would be the circumstances were? Is taking this step is right? What you think?

Parents would try but it would be lost cause. Today in the modern life of humans the gadgets and social media are the repositories.

So think once before YOU DO!!