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Spark 2.0 Released for iOS with New Team Email Support

May 24, 2018

If you are one of the many who use Spark, you might be happy to know that Spark 2.0 was just released for both iOS and Mac. In this new update, there is support for team email, which is pretty cool. This will help you with your productivity and also help you manage your teams you are working with in your business. The new Spark update is available for free and will be released for all of the Spark apps. Read on to learn more about what Spark 2.0 brings in the update and how it can help you with your team email needs.

Spark 2.0 Launched for iOS & Mac

There are a ton of new and cool features available in the Spark 2.0 update, which is rolling out now to Mac and iOS devices. The individual users will see the same features, but it is the teams that are going to be seeing a lot of new changes. You will notice there is now a more collaborative experience via email for teams. That is really going to help your communication and productivity quite a bit.

You will notice that in the update, there is now a way to use private conversations in-line in order to discuss projects over email. There is also the option to share an email thread with other people, which is way better than forwarding important email conversations. You can create various links to link people to those email threads, which makes collaboration a lot easier. These links have security settings with them too, which means you can have complete control over who sees the email links. The email collaboration now in Spark 2.0 is going to allow you to communicate easier and better with your team.

Spark 2.0 Releases with New Team Functionality

The best part about the Spark 2.0 update for iOS and Mac is that it is completely free for those using the individual features. You will also get all of the core team functionality features for free, but there are upgrades you can purchase too. If your team wants the upgraded features, then you will have to pay $7.99 per month for each user. The upgraded team functionality gives you the ability to have more than three collaborators on your emails.

You will also get more storage so you can share and store files. If you go with the free version for teams, you will have 5GB available, which is still quite a bit of storage. Included in the premium version is also more advanced sharing options with links, amazing customer support, controls and access to all of the administrative settings for the team. The free version also gives you a lot of features, including both for an individual user and for team collaboration.

Spark 2.0 Update Offers Many Features without Additional Cost

When it comes to what you will get with the Spark 2.0 update if you stay with the free option, there are a lot of team collaboration options available. You will be able ot use the Calendar for all of the users, which will have all of the features within it. That is if you are using Spark 2.0 on your Mac device. If you are running on iOS, you will get various third-party integrations such as for Reminders and Trello. Files, Bear, Things, Omifocus, 2Do, and Wunderlist are also now integrated into Spark with this update.

If this sounds like the perfect team collaboration app for you, then you should download the Spark 2.0 update right now. It is free both on Apple’s App Store and the Mac App Store. If you already have this important business app on your Mac or iOS device, then you should see the update rolling out now. We want to hear from you in the comments below once you have tried out the new features.

Do you think these new features and sharing options are great for those working together in a team collaboration? What features do you think will be most useful for you when it comes to working together and sharing with your co-workers? Are there any features that you wish were part of the iOS and Mac updates that were not found in this update? Let us know your overall thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.