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Spark for iOS Adds New Font Styles & More

Jun 6, 2019

We have an update to tell you about right now that is rolling out for users of the Spark app on iOS. Not only is the Spark app getting an update on iOS, but it’s also updating on Mac with the same new features. As you might or might not already know, Spark is one of the most popular email clients out there and it’s continuing to grow by the day. If you are currently using Spark, keep reading to learn more details about the latest update and all of the new features that have been added.

New Font Styles & Other Options Rolling Out to Spark iOS App

The biggest change you will notice in the new version is the newest font styles and other font options that are found within the app. Spark has updated to version 2.3.5 and this is the version that you will need if you want the newest font options and styles. This update is available for those on iOS as well as those on Mac, so you can download Spark for your device right now to get these new features.

With the improved font styles and options, you can now change the font size and style within the email composer section of the app. If you are writing an email or drafting a response to an email, you will see the new font styles and options available that you can choose from. You also have the ability to set a default option for all of the messages in Spark. This means you can choose a default size and font style and the app will remember those preferences for all future communications.

Spark iOS Update Brings Enhanced Formatting Options

In the latest Spark update for both iOS and Mac, you will also notice enhanced formatting options that are available. Some of the other formatting options you have to choose from now include a highlight when you go to a new font. You will also have the ability to change the text color, which is really cool. Beyond that, you will be able to change up your signature with various fonts. This allows you to make your signature unique to you and it will better match your own personality.

Whether you are using Spark for personal or professional use, you will love all of the new font options and font styles that are found in this app update. These particular new features and additions have been on the list of long-awaited features. People have been asking Readdle, the company behind Spark, to make these changes and bring in more font options for a long time now. We are happy to report that’s exactly what the people behind Spark have done with this update.

Are You Excited About the new Spark iOS & Mac Update?

There have been many changes in the Spark app within the last several months. Earlier in 2019, Spark added a lot of new features that also enhanced the email experience. Highlights, bulleted lists, and numbered lists support were added in the beginning of the year. Now, we have even more features to make this email client top-notch with the addition to the font sizes.

You can find the newest update live right now on both MacOS and iOS. If you have this app on your device already, then you should be seeing this new update roll out within the next few days. Some people prefer not to wait for the automatic update and just rather manually update the app themselves. You can do that if you wish and it’s free to download if you have not already downloaded the app to try it out. A lot of people think this free email client is the best to use on iOS and Mac, so give it a go if you are looking for another email option.

In the comments below we want to hear from you about whether or not you have used Spark on iOS or Mac before. Are you someone who prefers just one email client or do you have several for both personal and business use? If you are currently using Spark, tell us what you love about the app and why you think it’s the best for email. What other features are you hoping Readdle releases in future updates to both iOS and Mac? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think about these font style additions and other font options.