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Speed Limits Feature Now Part of Google Maps in Latest Update

Jan 21, 2019

There is a new speed limits feature on Google Maps, which is rolling out to both iOS and Android this week. You might already have noticed the feature on your Google Maps app, as it was rolling out to a smaller audience the other day. Now, the new feature is rolling out to everyone across the world.

This is a feature that you might remember due to it being in testing for more than two years for a limited number of people. We are super excited to tell you about the new feature finally being officially released and rolling out to everyone on both iOS and Android.

Google Maps Brings Speed Feature to All in Latest Update for Mobile

The new speed limits feature is finally rolling out to everyone on both iOS and Android. This feature has been in extensive testing for more than two years now, and Google finally has decided it was ready to be officially released.

You will now be able to see the speed limits of the roads you are traveling on using the newest Google Maps update. This new feature is live for both iOS and Android with the speed limits showing for everyone regardless of where you live. The speed limit will be seen in the corner of the Google Maps app for that road you are on right now.

The United States, United Kingdom, and Denmark are going to be seeing the update first before anyone else. Obviously, it will show the limits for the bigger streets and highways first. If you live in rural areas or travel rural roads, it is likely that the data for these roads has not been inputted yet into Google Maps.

While it might not work for every single road that you travel on, it will work for a majority of the roads you use regardless of which state you live in. If you are someone who uses Android Auto, then you already have seen what the speed limits feature can do. Android Auto already displays this information live for you when you are traveling.

Google Maps Adds Speed Limits & Speed Camera Details in Update

Speed limits are not the only new addition to the Google Maps apps for iOS and Android either. There is also the addition of the ability to see more speed cameras too. The speed camera feature is going to roll out to a ton of countries, including the United States and Canada.

Those in the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Mexico, India, Brazil, and Indonesia will also see the speed cameras. Obviously, certain countries like America will have more speed cameras than some other countries, and now you will see more of them through the app.

You will find the cameras by looking at the map, as they are now going to be marked more often within the app. There also is going to be an audible sound played when you are getting close to the speed cameras. That is a great addition because you will be able to hear a sound when approaching these cameras, which allows you to slow down beforehand.

As you might know already, these cameras are something that is questionable in nature and there have been many court fights over the actual legality of the cameras. It is definitely a good thing that Google Maps has added the ability to see more of these  cameras before you end up getting caught speeding by one.

How to Get the Speed Limits Feature on Google Maps iOS & Android App

You will be able to see the speed cameras and get the new speed limits feature within the next week through the sever-side update. Since this is a server-side update, you will not need to track down an update through Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Even though you will not need to update the version of Google Maps you are using, it is still a good idea to check and ensure you are indeed using the latest version available. If you do not see the update on your device just yet, it might take a few days because it is rolling out to all Android and iOS devices in phases.

Once you have tried out the latest speed limits and speed cameras features for yourself, we want to know what you think about them. Are you happy that you can finally see where all of the cameras are while you are driving? Do you think these cameras should be legal or do you think that people should fight the legality of these cameras in court? Are you excited to see the limits posted on the bottom corner of the app? What else would you like to see come to Google Maps on iOS and Android in the future?