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Splyce Finally Comes to Android

Sep 3, 2015

Splyce is an app you might not have heard of before, although it has been available on iOS for a long time. So if you haven’t heard of this app before let me give you a rundown on what Splyce is and how it works. First, Splyce basically analyzes your songs by the BPM, which is beats per minute, and then it mixes up all of your songs to put them in order by beats per minute. You might be wondering who would use an app that categorizes your songs by the beats per minute? Well, a lot of people who workout often use this as a way to continuously have great music playlists while they are building up during exercising. Splyce kind of acts like a disc jockey for you, and now you have the chance to use Splyce if you are running on an Android operating system.


Splyce is free to download but you can purchase items within the app, and it’s available on Google Play right now. Not only will Splyce go in and configure your songs by the beats per minute, but there are also some cool features too, such as the ability to mix your music, and you can choose the mixing mode and the mixing time as well. You can literally create a ton of different playlists all depending on the style you want, such as higher beats per minute songs for workout routines or for partying, and it’s all available at your fingertips. The issue though is that the developer the company hired to get onto Google Play did not seem to pay attention to the guidelines for the material or the design philosophy of Google, so there are some issues with this app right now. Think of it as just taking everything from the iOS version and just coding it for Google, without really changing specifics or the imagery to match the philosophy of what Google has in mind for the app store. This means that you might run into issues where the resolution isn’t even that clear because it does not really match up with Android, and you can tell it came from an iOS template. Even with these image issues and such, Splyce is still a new Android app you should consider downloading if you are into organization of songs and playlists by the beats per minute, or if you are looking for a way to manage your various playlists.

To get into the specifics, the app will analyze the songs that you add, which means it will measure the beats per minute, as well as the audible profiles. You can then choose how you want the mix to play, such as having them go at their own beats per minute, or you can choose to have the songs meet a certain criteria for that type of playlist you want. You can then select songs to either play for 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 180 seconds, or 240 seconds, but you always could choose to have the song play all the way through if you want that too. There are different transitions available, so you can set that to 10 seconds or 20 seconds, and then you will be able to pick the order of the playlist, whether you want a fast to slow or slow to fast. The cool thing too is that you can also choose to manually sort your lists as well, so there is a lot of variety and customization if you want that or you can let the app do everything for you.

Once you have that configured how you want it, you can playback the songs and then see how long until the next song, but be careful because you cannot rewind the song. You can pause a song or press skip to get you to the next song. If you want to look at the beats per minute of a specific song, then just tape the name of the song and you can expand the profile to see those details. You can adjust the theme colors, how often the playlist will repeat, and even customize the transitions being used. There is a paywall that you can also unlock by using the in-app purchasing option, which gives you even more customization and abilities. The prices of these range from $1 to $3, with the $1 purchases giving you the option to save your playlist or add transitions, and you can open up more themes too. If you get the $3 option, then you will get a variety of three options together, so it doesn’t save you money buying the $3 one really. For most people, the free basic version is all you will need and it will help you get a feel for how the app works, and it lets you begin learning how beats per minute works and gives you a quick way to not only manage your playlists but also feel like you have a disc jockey in your hand at all times. If you are a fan of music or someone that works out a lot, or just an avid music listener, downloading the Splyce app for Android will be one way you can get more enjoyment from your music. Another good thing about Splyce is that you will have the option to sort your playlists if you have children but are using only one music device. You will be able to create a playlist for your children, let them name it, and then if you are in the car with them or at a park or something, you can just punch up their playlist and let them listen to their music without you worrying about what they might hear or listen to if they are just going through your playlist. So this is a great way to ensure your children are only hearing music that you want them to hear if they are using your device.