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Spotify For Artists App Launches on iOS

Oct 12, 2017

A new app called Spotify for Artists just launched on iOS. This new app is free to download and it will help content creators and those managing the creators. This app right now is only available on iOS, although an Android version will be coming out soon. If you are a content maker or artist, you might be interested in this new app.

Spotify is one of the biggest resources and companies to use if you are a new artist. This new app is going to be even more useful for a new artist due to all of the features it has. Read on to learn more about the Spotify For Artists app and how it can help you.

Spotify For Artists App Hits iOS

The best part about the Spotify For Artists app is that it will tell you your real time statistics for that week. Once you release an EP, full-length album or single, you will be able to get real-time updated statistics. Not only that, but you also will be able to manage your own profile and update your biography accordingly.

It is important to note that you must be a verified artist on Spotify in order to use the Spotify For Artists app. You can quickly head to the Spotify website and get verified if you are indeed an artist. From that point, you can download the Spotify For Artists free iOS app and check out all of the cool features.

Whether you are the content creator yourself or you are a team manager of one, this app would be very beneficial. While this app is currently for iOS only, there will be an Android version launching very soon that you will be able to download. It appears that both versions of the app will be the same. This means that the features available on the iOS version should definitely also be on the Android version.

With Spotify For Artists, you also will be able to manage your artist’s picks and even manage your playlists right from the app. The real-time statistics are the main part of this app though, since that can help an artist track the new content. It is important to also note that with the real-time statistics, it is only tracked for the first week after the release of the music.

Spotify For Artists Allows for Musicians to See Statistics

Beyond the real-time statistics that you will see in the app, you will also be able to get various information about those listening. You will be able to see the age, gender, and other useful information about the people who are listening to your music.

With the app, you have access to all of this aggregated information that you can then use to manage your business. You will be able to know where you should focus your promotional materials and social media outreach on. The aggregated information also includes the location of those listening to your music and the other types of artists these people are listening to.

There is so much with Spotify and it can really help an artist when it comes to people discovering you. With the Spotify For Artists app, you will be able to easily see all of your statistics and manage your account information. If you would like to try the new Spotify For Artists app, you can download it for free through Apple’s App Store. We do not know when the Android version will be released. It appears that the Android version will be coming in the next few weeks. We will keep you updated if we hear more news on the Spotify For Artists app, including the Android release date.


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