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Spotify Lite Beta Testing Live on Android in Limited Locations

Jul 7, 2018

Spotify Lite is in beta testing on Android, which is good news if you are looking for a data-friendly version of Spotify. Spotify becomes the latest app to include a “Lite” version, which is most useful for people in developing countries or with lower-end Android devices. Just like with other lite apps, Spotify Lite will take up a lot less room on your Android device. We have all of the latest information about the new Spotify Lite app that is in beta testing, so keep reading to learn more about this app.

Spotify Lite App Comes to Android

We are super excited that there is now a Spotify Lite app available for Android. This version is in beta testing right now, but the stable version should be released pretty soon. You will find that the Spotify Lite version will use less data and it will also consume less space on your Android device.

Cheaper lower-end Android devices often times do not have much room for storing apps. That is why this version is 15MB compared to the regular Spotify which is 100MB. You can clearly see the huge difference in download size, which makes Spotify Lite great for these lower-end Android devices. A lot of apps have been getting a “Lite” version lately, which is a good thing for people all over who have these lower-end Android devices.

While lite versions are good for consuming less data, it does mean you sacrifice when it comes to the features and options in the apps. For now, you can only find Spotify Lite in Brazil for this trial beta testing, but it should be branching out to other countries very soon. Offline playback as well as Spotify Connect are not available in the Spotify Lite version.

Those are just some of the best features missing from this trimmed-down version of Spotify. You will also notice that you cannot select a specific song, which means you have to just use Shuffle. Even if you are a Premium Spotify member, there is no way for you to select a specific song. As we said, you do end up losing features when you go to the Spotify Lite version. If you just want to listen to music though, and also have a lower-end Android, then this is still a really good option to have.

Spotify Lite Currently Still in Beta on Android

The app is currently in beta, which means a lot of features could still be yet to come to the stable version. A worldwide stable release will be coming eventually, so do not worry if you are seeing just a basic Android app right now. Just since the release of Spotify Lite, it has managed over 4,000 downloads, which is not bad at all. The low number does suggest that it is limited in who can download it right now and which locations have the beta app.

Spotify did acknowledge that there is always testing going on to improve the user experience overall. The company did not comment specifically on Spotify Lite, and left it more open to just wanting to broaden the user experience. That might seem like Spotify is being pretty non-committal right now about Spotify Lite.

It really should be expected that the company is low-key on this app right now since it is only available to those in Brazil right now. We expect that the company will release a statement talking about Spotify Lite as the beta testing expands out to include other countries such as Canada and the United States.

Spotify Lite Brings Barebones Music Streaming to Worldwide Android Users

Spotify Lite is a barebones music streaming app that will work well for those who need just a simple music player. The suggested playlists is where the songs are shuffled from, but no real customization has been seen up to this point in time. This app is completely free to download, which is really nice, but it does lack a lot of features compared to the original app. If you are outside of the markets where this app is being tested, there is an APK download you can try out online if you are really curious.

We want to know what you think of the new Spotify Lite news for Android. Are you someone who thinks that these lite versions are going to be useful to a lot of people? Do you think companies are wasting time putting out these lite versions?

Have you used any of the lite apps before, and if so, what do you think about them overall? We want to know what you think about this app in particular, since it seems to be a barebones music app for now. Let us know in the comments below what features you hope make it to the stable official release of Spotify Lite, whenever that happens. If we find out more information about Spotify Lite and an official release, we will be sure to let you know.