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Spotify Running Now Available on Android

Sep 17, 2015

Spotify has made its special running mode available on Android this week. Spotify Running is a separate function, which is implemented in the Spotify application. It consist of playlists specially aimed at athletes. While music is playing through Spotify Running, it takes the pace of the runner and steps per minute into account. Spotify then plays songs with nearly the same amount of beats per minute compared to the runners steps per minute.

According to Spotify, the new feature has been rolled out on Tuesday for Android. However, not all Spotify users will be able to simultaneously access Spotify Running, because of the fact that it would overload the servers and probably will give everyone a bad experience with the feature itself. Are you a jogger and always have music on while you run? Then Spotify Running might be something you are looking for!

How does the Spotify Running feature work?


Spotify Running tunes the number of beats per minute of the music with the number of steps you take per minute. This means that you will always be walking or jogging to the beat of the music you are listening to, which will also motivate you and allow you to maintain your running pace. In order to make Spotify Running work, the feature uses your smartphone’s build-in accelerometer, in order to be able to track your movement.

If you are athlete, or you simply enjoy to jog often, it can get pretty annoying when you cannot walk, jog or run on the beat of the music you are listening to. This problem can be completely solved by using Spotify Running. Whenever you run in a faster pace, the tracks in the playlist will change to music from Hardwell or DJ Tiësto, for example. Whenever you slow down, the tracks will change to something closer to Coldplay or Racoon.

In order to assure that you do not get to listen to music that you do not like, Spotify Running will look into your listening history, and will make choices for you based on those results. Besides music that adapts to your walking pace, you are also able to choose from specific playlists that are created by other joggers and athletes.

What else is Spotify up to lately?


Next to offering Spotify Running on Android and iOS devices, the streaming service is also going to start offering podcasts and videos from well-known media companies such as Comedy Central, Vice, ESPN and BBC. It does not seem like Spotify is going to be offering music videos or concert recordings, similar to what YouTube is offering at the moment.

There are a certain amount of music producers and deejays that are going to be offering special content on Spotify. This way, Spotify intends to offer more exclusive content to its platform, which will attract more users. Offering exclusive content is becoming a trend lately. To give an example, Netflix itself produces television shows such as House of Cards.

In the first few years of Spotify’s existence, it entirely dominated the music-streaming industry. It was a rising star, leaving competitors far behind. The biggest reason for Spotify’s success was because of its large selection of music tracks. The only question was, how long would this popularity remain?

Lately, there have been more and more emerging competitors for Spotify. To give an example, there is a new music-streaming service called Tidal, which has a number of very exclusive artists. The goal of Tidal is to offer exclusive content on their platform, in order to attract a portion of Spotify’s users to itself.

Not long from now, Spotify will have yet another competitor. Apple reported in early June of this year that they will launch their own streaming service. Just like Tidal, Apple is hoping to add a lot of exclusive content on their own streaming platform. The new streaming service will be pre-installed on iPhones, which means that Apple will potentially already have millions of users of their new streaming service.

With the new Spotify Running feature, better suggestions, podcasts and videos, Spotify tries to stay one step ahead of its competitors. The question is, will they be able to stay ahead of everyone else, especially Apple?

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