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Spotify Testing Stations Standalone Android App

Feb 4, 2018

We have good news if you love listening to music as Spotify is testing Stations, which is a standalone app for Android. This app is going to be all about getting free music and curated music stations. With this app, you do not have to pay for the Spotify Premium subscription, and it does not need a lot of intervention manually. If you have been looking for a new music app, read on to learn more about what Stations might offer for Android.

Stations is New Standalone Android App from Spotify

Spotify is releasing a new music app for Android called Stations, which will be a standalone app. This new app will not need or require a Spotify Premium membership in order to work. That is good news for people looking for a new free music app. With Stations, you will be able to stream various curated music stations without having to do much work yourself. You can listen to all types of amazing music completely for free with this standalone Android app. This is an experimental app from Spotify, which means it is not really out for everyone as of now.

One issue that people have when it comes to the Premium services, is that there are too many choices. When you have access to all of this music from all over the world, it can be overwhelming and challenging for some people. That is where this new app comes in. It gives you the option to listen immediately to all kinds of music. You can quickly switch music stations, and you do not need to type or search for anything. There will be the option to listen to your favorite programs too. That is great for people who have favorites already. Personalization in this app is there, although it is more limited than with Spotify Premium. This is all called leanback listening. That will be what this app is focused on.

Spotify Brings Stations Standalone App to Android for Leanback Listening

Stations is going to remind you of Pandora, back in the original Pandora days. Leanback listening is the main focus of the Stations app, which is good for people who just want music. The personalized radio stations ensure you are getting the music you want. Speaking of Pandora, the latest version of Pandora also includes the option to begin listening to music instantly when you launch the app. The new Pandora apps are going to incorporate the same leanback listening that this app is aiming to accomplish. We still do not know how much attention Spotify will be giving to this new app. It could be just an experimental app that gets updated every now and again, it is hard to say.

Right now, you can see the Stations app on Google Play, but it does not seem to be compatible with most Android devices. That is likely because it is still in testing phase and has not been officially rolled out onto Google Play. Even the Pixel phones are not compatible at this point in time, so it is definitely limited right now. If you managed to get into testing, then you are lucky, as it seems it is a very small group.

The Spotify employees also have access to the app right now, but Stations is not currently available for download to the general public yet. Tell us in the comments what you think of this standalone Android app called Stations. Are you excited to download and try this new music app? Do you think Spotify is just trying to compete with Pandora? If you do not listen to Spotify or Pandora, what app do you recommend for streaming free music?