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Spritzr New Dating App

Aug 30, 2015

Many times when people go out on the town they always bring their best friend with them to be their wing man or woman in any situation. The wing man or woman has an important part, they have to help their buddy either find dates or tell the found date how awesome their best friend is to make them look like the best person to hook up with. Well the new San Diego based start-up that launched on the App Store Thursday takes this and helps users do all this but through their iPhones. The new app Spritzr is the latest in online dating apps where people create a profile and find other people interested in meeting up. The twist here is that there are also couples on here who are playing matchmaker and helping others out there. Will you find true love through the help of a friend on Spritzr?

How does Spritzr work?

The way this works is users register on their profile and must answer some questions like would they be “daters” or matchmakers, are they single or in a relationship. One of the primary ways people find each other on this app is by linking Facebook to this application because for example if a friend tries to set a user up with someone they found on the app they can simply give the other person the Facebook of that friend. This application really relies on the friend to help make suggestions to their Facebook friends on who to contact on Spritzr. In the simplest of terms, this application helps people make connections with strangers around the world while helping friends out or actually finding a date and hitting it off well because who knows you well other than your best friend!

This application also hopes to add features that will help make the first awkward stages of introducing yourself over the app less a problem and let users have an overall great experience interacting with strangers. “Online dating has always been like going to a random bar where you have no social connections. You might meet someone great, but the chances are small,” said Manshu Agarwal, Spritzr’s founder and CEO. Even with such setbacks this app is more of making friends with a friend of a friend of a friend and so on you get the idea.

This image shows the difference in roles that people can play on this application. Singles can be suggest a person and couples are the matchmakers helping make people fall in love.
(This image shows the difference in roles that people can play on this application. Singles can be suggest a person and couples are the matchmakers helping make people fall in love.) 

Spritzr is different from dating websites because it is based primarily on suggestions from connections and if both people like the suggest person’s profile with the swipe of the screen they can begin chatting on the app (this is very similar to another popular dating app, Tinder). The only problem ahead for this application is the competition they have in the online dating market with popular websites like eHarmony and apps like Tinder they will have to attract a huge crowd. And it has, in San Diego it debuted on Valentines day and over 500 matches were made and 1 fifth of those being successful which is not that bad. What is great about this application is that it relies on personal experience. Many other dating sites have a computer match people together based on interests, hobbies, etc. but what better way to match someone than have a friend who knows them well pick the right person for them. This is what Spritzr aims to do according to their creator he wants to change up the online dating scene and hopes this app is the next big thing.

Overall, this app is very original in the way it is trying to bring people together. It also provides a fun social features for those already in a relationship because it allows them to help a friend out who is waiting for love. It is too soon to tell whether Spritzr will succeed considering it came out Thursday but there was a lot of clearly put into it. For those who are looking for love or want to help a friend find love go and check out the new app Spritzr!