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Sproggiwood APK 2018 Updated Version

Nov 12, 2017

Sproggiwood is a cute turn based adventure game from Freehold Games, a fairly new development studio who are already making waves in the games development scene.

How can I play Sproggiwood?

Sproggiwood is currently available for purchase on the Play Store, App Store and also through Steam. If you want to try out this game but you’re not really sure whether you want to shell out the cash for it, worry not, because we’ve got your back with another fresh APK completely for free.

Just check out our download link below to get started!

Current version: 1.2.10

Latest Update: 07 November 2017

Just follow these super simple steps to get started!

Step One: Check out your setting section and find your way to your security options, here you’ll need to check an option to enable you to download from unknown sources, by turning this optio on, you’ll be able to download any APK file from directly within your browser rather than the play store.

Step Two: Once you’ve allowed your device to download from unknown sources, open up your device browser and load up our site. Once you’ve down that, find the page for the game or app that you want and tap our download link, which will cause a permissions page to pop up and ask for your permission to download and install the game onto your device, hit accept and the download will begin.

Step Three: Once the download is finished, you’ll see a  download complete notification in your notification bar, you’ll need to tap this to begin installing on your device.

Step Four: Again you’ll get a notification that your game or app has completed its installation, you’ll also see that a new app icon will have appeared for the app or game you’ve just downloaded. Tap the app to start and there you go! Happy Adventuring!

Don’t forget, if you don’t really want to play on a smaller screen, this exact method can also be used from within an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.

About the game!

Sproggiwood is a cute roguelike turn based adventure game from Freehold Games, a fairly new development studio who are already making waves in the games development scene.

You are playing as a Cloghead, a farmer from the peaceful Clog, the story begins one day when you are simply tending to your fields as you do every day, when suddenly a sheep appears out of nowhere and leads you through a mysterious portal. Upon landing in a strange new world, you encounter Sproggi – the dark overlord of this land (or so he says), and he proclaims that you are now his prisoner and he has a job for you – to tam the strange wild creatures that have made Sproggi’s realm their home.

You must traverse through dangerous dungeons, defeating creatures and collecting treasures as you go along and make Sproggi’s realm a better place to live.

Upon downloading Sproggiwood, I spent a good few hours playing through this game, exploring all that the game had to offer and found that it had so much more than it seemed on the surface.

The first this that really struck me about this game was the tonne of humour that most roguelike games seem to avoid, rather than a serious tale of a realm devastated by rivals (which is essentially the tale that slowly unfolds) you’re instead laughing at the fact that your lord and master Sproggi is actually a hilarious little sprite who is constantly through trickery your way. The humour in this game feels a lot more natural and you really feel a sense of empathy for the characters in this strange little world.

The beginning of the game offers a really nice introduction to the world that you’ll be spending quite some time in, the basic controls of the game are laid out really well and makes it very easy for anyone to understand how to play through this game. That’s not to say that this game is without challenge as you do have to use a little sense of strategy to successfully make it through the game, you have to constantly watch your health meter in case it gets to low, because this will be the deciding factor of if you decide to continue fighting against the monsters in the dungeon or whether you make it back to the exit with your HP bar still intact.

Upon successfully completing a dungeon, you’ll be returned to the realm of Sproggi ad continue to build it up with the gold you’ve gained in the dungeons. The more dungeons you do, the more gold you collect and the better you’ll be able to make this little village. You can also use your gold to buy and upgrade your weapons and defences, making traversing these dungeons that little bit easier.

One of the really fun things about this game is the fact that there are a wide range of characters that you can play as, from your original farmer Cloghead to the archer Cloghead who does a special ranged attack that means that you don’t have to be right next to your enemy to attack. Each new cloghead that you collect will have an entirely new batch of abilities that you can try out in your dungeons, making the game a little less repetitive and offering a bit more variety in your playing options.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, it makes you think tactics a lot more that you’d expect you would looking at the game, you’ll probably laugh out loud a fair few times more than you’d care to admit and you’ll get drawn in by the engrossing story as you get deeper and deeper into it. In addition, both the music and the art style that the game has to offer is not something to be sniffed at, and they really help glue everything together perfectly.

Since this is a paid game, there are no in app purchases to make your journey easier, but knowing that, making it through a dungeon without dying feels that little bit more satisfying. The only in game currency – gold, can only be obtained by travelling through dungeons and destroying treasure chests, of which there are many in one single level, meaning that there is ample chance to actually get gold. The trick is investing the gold wisely, will you buy or upgrade new weapons? Or will you put it into civic boosts, improving the village? Whatever you do, you’ll have fun doing it!

We hope you enjoy Sproggiwood just as much as we did! Let us know what you think of the game in the comments down below!