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Square Enix Looking into Chrono Trigger Steam Issues

Mar 7, 2018

Well, we told you the other day about the Square Enix game Chrono Trigger landing on Steam. Since it was released, the game has been plagued with several issues that have impacted the gameplay. Those people who were happy and excited to download Chrono Trigger for Steam were disappointed to learn about the many issues going on. Now, Square Enix is looking into the issues and are assessing the situation. This is good news for those who were eager to purchase the game from Steam, since it has been difficult to play the game with all of the substantial issues.

Square Enix Now Looking into Chrono Trigger Steam Complaints

While Chrono Trigger itself is a great game, the game has been stumbling on Steam with pretty bad reviews. Most of these reviews are bringing up the many problems the game has on Steam right now. Square Enix finally is coming out to say that the company is going to be looking into all of the issues and complaints that the game has received on Steam. The game is a complete mess right now, which likely has to do with it being a direct mobile to PC port. That means the game itself was designed for mobile and was not switched in any real way before coming to Steam.

A lot of times, the developer will change the game when it is going from mobile to PC. The graphics and overall mechanics of the game are not really the same from one platform to another. Square Enix seems to have just ported the mobile version onto Steam, which is not a good thing. The PC gaming community has been pretty upset about the game.

Most are upset with the fact that these important changes were not made. There have been many complaints coming in on the Steam reviews for Chrono Trigger talking about this missteps by Square Enix. You can find what Square Enix wrote on the Steam page for Chrono Trigger. The Steam page is a good place for the company to go to alert people they are looking into the issues.

Square Enix Comments About Steam Issues Plaguing Chrono Trigger

Square Enix specifically wrote about all of the feedback that the company has received about Chrono Trigger. The company thanked the fans for pointing out several glaring issues that the game was facing after the Steam release. The company went onto say that they are listening to all of the messages, and now know about several issues people are having while playing the game. To wrap up the message, the company said that they are assessing the issues and will update the Steam page with more information as it becomes available.

One thing Square Enix did not say in this message was how the company is hoping to fix all of the issues. The company did not mention any compensation for those who have already purchased the game nor did any information about when the game will be fixed come out in the comment either. So we are still pretty unclear on how the Chrono Trigger situation will be solved or fixed. Since so much of it has to do with being ported directly from mobile to the PC, we are not even sure there is an easy fix to all of these problems.

Square Enix Statement Leaves A Lot to Be Desired

If you have not purchased the game as of yet, we advise you to wait quite a while at this point in time. We do not know when or how the game will be fixed or how it will impact those who purchased the game. There are so many questions still left unanswered at this point in time that it is not a good idea to buy the game yet. You can go through and read reviews, obviously the decision to purchase the game now is up to you.

We would say though, that it might be better to wait until most of the issues are fixed, if that is even possible. Let us know in the comments if you have downloaded Chrono Trigger yet. Do you find the game is impossible to play in the current state it is in? Are you worried about how Square Enix will solve the problems going on with the game?