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Srinagar International Airport launched free WiFi service

Mar 13, 2016

Srinagar International Airport launched free WiFi service: Great news for all who are visiting Kashmir this vacation season. The international airport of Srinagar has declared that they will be provided free wifi to all the people at the airport. The wifi speed is very impressive and the council is providing the high speed internet service free for the initial fifteen minutes of surfing today since the company BSNL released the wifi services.Srinagar International Airport

Srinagar International Airport launched free WiFi service

The Internet is a 4G connection which is very satisfactory. The inauguration of the wifi services was done by the commissioner. There are news that the service will also be extended and provided to several districts of Kashmir which will help people communicate better. The customers would benefit from the high speed internet service. Although there are no sureties regarding this deal. They may perhaps be just rumours.

However the high speed internet service that will be provided will only be applicable for the first fifteen minutes. People will be able to use it by switching on the wifi over their tablets, pcs, laptops as well as smart phones. They can be use via wireless gadgets too.

You will receive a pop up on you gadgets. Then you will have to register online. When you register, you will be provided with a passcode that is actually a one time generated password that you need to enter. After that there will be a short authentication procedure and then you are done, use super hi speed internet services free of cost.

The initiative will help people get acquainted to the internet services and step into the global world. The people who are not able to get access to the Internet can now enjoy browsing. It will help people connect better.

Thus the facility begins at the airport and is supposed to extend to all the places very soon.