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Stack Overflow Now Standalone App on iOS & Android

May 17, 2017

Good news if you like to use Stack Overflow, as now the app is available as a standalone app on both iOS and Android. You might have heard about Stack Overflow before, it is a Q&A platform that is dedicated to coding. If you are a developer or you have been getting into the developer world, you will definitely want to check out Stack Overflow. We have all of the latest news about the Stack Overflow update, including it now being a standalone app. If you are a developer or you are someone who wants to know more about coding and developing, read on to learn more about this amazing app that is now on both iOS and Android.

Stack Overflow Releases iOS & Android App

The really good news here is that this platform is finally a dedicated app on both iOS and Android. You previously could use the website in order to ask questions, comment, and vote on coding questions and problems. Everyone on Stack Overflow is a developer, so you will be getting useful and trustworthy information if you ask a question on this platform. The Stack Exchange app launched about three years ago, so it is about time that there is now an iOS and Android app dedicated to just Overflow.

Stack Overflow has been a super popular platform for developers and programmers since it was released in 2008. There were a lot of users going on the website, so the iOS and Android apps are definitely going to come in handy. You can now download both iOS and Android versions of the app, although the Android app is still in beta.

Even though the app is in beta on Android, the blog for the app says that mostly the app is already stable and no bugs have been detected. The beta app also still has the functionality and everything seems to be working properly. The only thing you might notice is that when the official Android app is released, some minor changes to the user-interface might be found.

More Information on Stack Overflow Apps

If you have not heard of Stack Exchange before, the app allows you to see all of the Q&A from over 170 different communities. The difference between the two apps is that Stack Overflow focuses only on the Overflow Q&A, whereas Exchange combines everything into a single app. Some people find Exchange better, while other people might find Overflow to be better for their needs. You can use both apps on your device and the notifications will correspond with which app the notifications are for. That means Exchange notifications show up in Exchange and Overflow will show up only in Overflow.

In terms of the mobile aspects of the apps, it appears that iOS and Android will remain the two main apps the company will focus on for now. The company released a chart showing how Windows and Blackberry phones are not nearly as popular. Developers have lost almost all interest in both Blackberry and Windows, hence the reasoning behind Android and iOS getting the Stack Overflow app. We do not know if there will be any apps for platforms outside of Android or iOS, but the chart shows just how slow and disinterested the developers are in using those other platforms.

It is most likely that we will not see any Blackberry or Windows apps ever, although that could change at any time. The good news here is that the company will focus on both iOS and Android for app updates and new features, which means updates should happen more regularly since it is only these two platforms that have the app.