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Star Control Origins Reappears on Steam

Jan 23, 2019

We have interesting news concerning Star Control Origins, as it appears the game is back on Steam. The game quietly seemed to return to Steam just a few weeks after a huge controversy about the game made headlines. If you are someone who plays on the PC gaming platform known as Steam, then you know a game disappearing and coming back is not that unusual.

There was a copyright claim against Star Control Origins, which is why it disappeared off of Steam in the first place. We have all of the latest news about this game coming back to Steam, so keep reading to learn all the important details.

Star Control Origins Reappears on Steam After Copyright Claim Filed

The issue and controversy that we heard about regarding Star Control Origins had to do with a copyright claim. While this issue was going on the game was removed from Steam, and that is not completely uncommon either. The copyright claim was coming from the designers of a game called Star Control Origins, which actually was a MS-DOS game from back in 1990. It is definitely weird that there was a game of the same name back in the day, and the designers of that game were the ones who filed the copyright claim against this new Steam game.

Stardock, the company behind the new Steam game, appears to be winning this lawsuit. That is likely the reason why Star Control Origins is back on Steam. Stardock claims that it owns Star Control IP, and the company said it had a deal with Atari that dated back to 2013.

Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford said that there was a sequel to the original Star Control Origins game, which was called Ghosts of the Precursors. It was this that led to the trademark infringement with the Stardock company. Both Ford and Reiche III counter-sued which is where this is all coming from.

Star Control Origins Back on Steam after Copyright Claim & Also Back on GOG

Issues like this are nothing new, so we were not too concerned with the outcome regarding Star Control Origins and the Steam game. This particular issue happened within the past two weeks, and both the Steam and GOG versions were taken down during this time.

As of just a couple days ago, Star Control Origins appears to be back on Steam and GOG for good. One of the developers of Star Control Origins mentioned on Twitter that the game was back on Steam. There was also a Steam Community post around the same time as the Twitter announcement.

Stardock made the Steam Community post announcement saying that Star Control Origins was back on Steam. There is not much to this post except stating both Valve and Stardock are happily reporting that Star Control Origins is back on Steam. There are a few bad reviews on the game now after all of this news came out, which is not surprising either.

Not much about the lawsuit is public, except that GOG, Valve, and Stardock are on one side of the lawsuit with Ford and Reiche III on the other side. We do not know much else about the lawsuit, although the game appearing back on Steam is good for Stardock.

Are You Happy Star Control Origins is Back on Steam?

In the comments below, we want to know if you are happy that Star Control Origins has reappeared on Steam? Do you think that the lawsuit had merit or do you think this was a baseless accusation against Stardock? Did you ever play the 1990 game with the same name? Are you familiar with other games on Steam that have also had lawsuits happen due to copyright? We also want to know if this is a game you will now be playing on Steam.

We hope that at some point in the future, we will have more details about what exactly happened here with the Star Control Origins lawsuit. The only thing we know right now is that it appears Stardock will win or has won this lawsuit. We imagine that if there was a real copyright claim here, then the game would not be on Steam this quickly. If the lawsuit had a lot of merit, it is likely the game would forever be pulled from Steam and GOG. Sometimes it takes months to actually learn the details behind issues and lawsuits like this one. We will keep you updated on if we hear more details about what actually transpired here with the game.