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Star Wars: The Old Republic Released on Steam

Jul 28, 2020

We know that you probably have quite a few games to play on Steam this week, but we wanted to tell you about a new addition to the popular PC gaming platform. We’ve just learned that Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally been released on Steam. We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of this particular Star Wars game before since it’s one of the oldest MMO games that have a Star Wars theme. Continue reading to learn more about this game that just launched on Steam as it might be one you’d enjoy playing.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Comes to Steam Finally

It seems like we’ve been waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to come to Steam and finally, the wait is over! This particular game is one of the longest-running MMO games from Bioware that’s all about Star Wars. The game is your typical MMO game and you’ll find that the Star Wars theme within it stays true to the classic and iconic franchise. In a galaxy far far away, you’ll find a ton of enjoyment playing this MMO, and it’s free to begin playing.

While the game is initially free-to-play on Steam, it only gives you a limited version of the game unless you pay to download the entire game. You’ll need a subscription still if you’d like to unlock the entire game. Star Wars: The Old Republic will cost you $14.99 per month to play through the subscription model. If you choose to pay for the subscription, then you’ll get access to the entire game, which is 75 levels of fun!

There are a lot of premium features that you’ll have access to if you choose the Star Wars: The Old Republic subscription plan. This includes the newest expansion and the expansion that was released last year, which was Onslaught. If you choose to just play the limited version of the game for free, then you’ll get a couple of expansions that were released recently and also the story campaigns that were originally released for the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Was Released Back in 2011

While Star Wars: The Old Republic might just now be available on Steam, it’s a game that has actually been out quite a long time. This game was originally released as a standalone game and then went to the Origin platform within a few years after release. The game was released back in 2011 and has been a hit with fans of Star Wars. We believe that Star Wars: The Old Republic coming to Steam is part of the moves by EA to get more games onto the Steam gaming platform.

We’ve seen EA move a lot of games over to Steam in recent months, so it’s about time that this 2011 hit standalone game hit the PC gaming platform too. There have been a ton of EA games that have come to Steam lately, including most of the older Battlefield games.

We’ve also already seen newer Star Wars-themed games hit Steam, including Jedi: Fallen Order. That specific game was released last year and has already made it to Steam. It’s odd that it’s taken this long to get a game on Steam that was released nearly 10-years ago, but we’re happy it’s finally on Steam.

Will You Check Out Star Wars: The Old Republic on Steam?

We’re so excited that this game has finally landed on Steam because it’s one of the most popular Star Wars games that has ever been released. We know that a lot of people enjoy Star Wars, so this game is sure to bring you joy. It’s a little disappointing though that if you want to play the entire game, you’ll need the monthly subscription to play.

You can always download it for free and check it out before you purchase the entire game. That gives you a chance to try the game to see if it’s something you’d be willing to fork over the money for on a monthly basis before you actually do. Currently, the game is available on both Origin and Steam, although we expect it to be removed from Origin at some point in the future.

In the comment section below, we want to know your thoughts about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Is this a game you’ve previously played when it was released back in the day as a standalone game? Have you played other Star Wars games on Steam? Are you a huge fan of Star Wars or are you someone that can’t stand the hype behind this iconic franchise? Do you think that this game is worth the $14.99 per month subscription fee? Are you someone that spends a lot of money each month on various subscription plans? If you’ve had a chance to play the game, we also want to know what you liked and disliked about the game up to this point.