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Steam Audio Beta Now Using AMD TrueAudio Next Technology

Feb 13, 2018

Good news for people using Steam Audio Beta as Valve has teamed with AMD. There is now TrueAudio Next technology on the gaming platform. The new AMD TrueAudio Next technology will be coming to both the Steam VR applications as well as the Steam games. The new Steam Audio Beta is version 2.0. You will need to download the update to try out the TrueAudio Next technology. Read on to learn more about what AMD TrueAudio Next will bring to the Steam gaming world.

Steam Audio Beta Update Brings AMD TrueAudio Next

If you want to try out the new AMD TrueAudio Next technology, you must update Steam Audio Beta to version 2.0. This version is available right now for download on Steam. The new technology is going to make VR apps and regular games much better. Essentially, TrueAudio Next allows a developer to reserve some of the support GPU. This allows for spatial audio to be generated, which then will allow for more acoustic sounds. The complexity of the acoustics is greater. There will be a bigger presence found within the games and VR applications.

The Steam Audio SDK has not been around for very long, so this is definitely a good push forward for Valve. About a year ago, the SDK for Steam Audio launched, and it was also a free beta download for the developers. It is important to note how the Steam Audio uses various types of physics-based simulation.

This allows for both an indirect sound, such as in-game objects bouncing off of the sound, and a more direct sound. The direct sounds are going right to the listener from the source. So with the Steam Audio, you are getting a more in-depth and complex sound profile. This will be for all of the games on Steam and for the VR applications.

Steam Audio Beta 2.0 Features AMD TrueAudio Technology

Valve went onto say with this new update that TrueAudio Next is allowing for a more intense experience on Steam. The rendering of indirect sounds and simulating these sounds is a huge part of the Steam Audio experience. Now, with the AMD TrueAudio Technology, you will hear even more sounds and have a more immersive gaming experience. A developer is also able to enable or disable the TrueAudio Next technology when appropriate. Since it can be changed scene-by-scene, you can enable it when needed. A good thing is that you can disable it when there are parts of the game that need every available CPU to play right.

For TrueAudio Next, the basics of this technology works by using convolution, which is a filtering technique that is very high-performance. When you have a supported GPU, you are able to use the audio data and the convolution filtering technique. Resource Reservation is also a part of this. That is when a developer is able to use some of the computational resources from the GPU. Often times, about 25 percent of the computational resources are able to be used. This is used in the time-sensitive things, which for Steam Audio, would be centered around processing audio.

If you are a developer, you can try out the new Steam Audio Beta update by downloading it through GitHub. For the gaming community, this new technology will bring an even better gaming experience. While it might not all happen right away, more developers will likely be using this technology in the near future. You will notice that developers will use it on games and VR applications in Steam. So be prepared to have your ears taken on a more complex audio ride with this new update.


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