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Steam Award Winners Announced

Jan 6, 2017

We told you a while back that Valve created the first ever Steam Awards, which was to show off some of the best and most played games on the platform. It was at the end of November that the awards and nominees were announced. Steam players were able to vote on the winners of each category from December 22 until the end of the month. We now have all of the winners of the first-ever Steam Awards.

Steam Award Winners Announced

When it comes to the first-ever Steam Awards, there were a lot of cool categories that the voters could choose from. There were categories like “Best Use of a Farm Animal” as well as “Villain in Most Need of a Hug.” The users all were told to nominate the games that they felt should win each of the categories. The only stipulation that Valve had on the nominations were that the games must have been available on Steam in order to qualify. There were also some write-in categories that Valve accepted as well, such as the “Boom Boom Award.”

There were other entries that did not make the write-in cut, though, such as the “Game in Most Need of a Sequel” and other more sarcastic entries. There were a lot of people who voted in the Steam Awards and users seemed to really enjoy nominating various games for the awards. We will now tell you some of the biggest winners of the first-ever Valve Steam Awards.


“I Thought This Game Was Cool Before it Won an Award”- The winner here was Euro Truck Simulator 2.

“Villain in Most Need of a Hug Award”– The winner of this award was Portal 2.

“Test of Time” Award– The “Test of Time” award went to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Just Five More Minutes” Award- This award went to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Boom Boom” Award-  Of course the winner of the “Boom Boom” award went to the highly-loved DOOM.

“I’m Not Crying, There’s Something in my Eye Award”- The winner for this award was The Walking Dead.

“Game Within a Game Award- The winner here was Grand Theft Auto V, which was not a surprise at all.

“Whoooaaaaaa Dude!” Award- The winner of this award went to Grand Theft Auto V, because of course it did.

“Best Use of a Farm Animal Award”- Everyone on Steam loves Goat Simulator so it is not a shock that Goat Simulator won this award.

“Better With Friends” Award- The winner of the “Better With Friends” category was Left 4 Dead 2.

“Sit Back and Relax” Award- The winner of this award went to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

“Love/Hate Relationship” Award-  We figured Dark Souls III would win this category, and it did pretty easily.

When it comes down to the games, Dota 2 ended up losing to Dark Souls III, along with Team Fortress 2 losing to Skyrim. Even then, a lot of Valve games ended up winning the awards. You will be able to purchase the nominated games and the winners of the Steam Awards at a sale price until January 2. Most of the games that have been nominated or have won are a part of the Steam Winter sale, which will end tomorrow, so hurry and purchase these cool games before the sale is over.