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Steam Bans Over 40,000 Accounts

Jul 10, 2017

Valve just handed down a ton of Steam bans, which comes only one day after the Steam Summer Sale. Valve has something called the Valve Anti-Cheat System in place to catch people who might be trying to cheat the system. It appears that a ton of people were caught up in this as thousands of accounts were just banned. Read on to learn more about the Steam bans and what this could mean for Valve moving forward.

Steam Bans Thousands of Accounts at Once

A couple days ago, Valve went through and made a whole bunch of Steam bans. There were over 40,000 Steam bans handed down on July 6, which were all done through Valve. Apparently, the Valve Anti-Cheat System picked up on oddities with these accounts, leading to all 40,000 being banned on Steam. The Steam bans came down just one day after the Steam Summer Sale, which is likely when these scammers were committing bannable offenses. Often times, during the Steam sales, people who are looking to cheat the system will use the sales to get the games for much cheaper.

These people often times are already banned on other accounts, then will pick up these games cheaper from new accounts. Valve seemed to have caught on to the tricks these scammers have been using, especially since 40,000 is the most bans that have happened in one day on Steam. Previously, the biggest ban was 15,000 accounts in one day, which was only back in October 2016. There were almost 5,000 accounts that were banned after being reported by other players through in-game reports.

More About Steam Bans Handed Down

When it comes to Valve, the Steam bans often happen as a result of cheating on some of the most popular games on the platform. Counter-Strike: Global Offense and DOTA 2 are a couple games where scammers and cheaters seem to lean towards, which are two of the most popular games on Steam. When it comes to the Steam bans, almost $10,000 in weapon skins ended up lost as a result of the bans.

When it comes to the Valve Anti-Cheat System, it typically will pick up about 3,000 to 4,000 accounts per day. All of these accounts end up banned due to it picking up cheating, and that is a lot of accounts per day on Steam that end up banned. There are illegal gambling types of operations that happen with some games, while other games just end up picking up players who try to cheat the system in other ways. Either way you go, if you cheat on Steam, you will likely be picked up by the Valve Anti-Cheat System and promptly banned.

For a lot of people, the Steam bans or possible bans are not worth the hassle in terms of cheating, because the Steam bans often times are permanent. Each time someone is caught cheating on Steam, it ends up costing Valve money. That in part is why the Valve Anti-Cheat System was put into place. We are likely to see even more Steam bans in the thousands during the next Steam sale.