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Steam Blocks Adult-Only Games in China

Oct 8, 2018

Steam has blocked the adult-only games in China, which is bad news for people in China who want the uncensored adult games. We have been talking about Valve lately and how it was taking a hands-off approach when it comes to policing most content on Steam. A new policy that Valve rolled out this summer was to allow adult-only games on Steam, which are uncensored for the first time ever.

While most people are able to play the adult games on Steam, it appears that those in China are unable to. Valve has blocked the access to the adult-only games on Steam for those in China, with no access to these games at all. We have all of the latest news on Valve blocking the adult games found on Steam within China, so keep reading to learn more.

Steam Blocking Access to Adult Games in China

It really should not be that surprising that Valve has blocked the adult games from being accessible in China through the Steam platform. Valve came out to say that no adult games would be censored anymore, but it appears that countries like China will still have restrictions. Previously, adult games could be on Steam, although they had to be censored. Not even censored adult games are showing up on the Steam marketplace in China.

China does not have any access to the adult games at all, even though new filters were added to Steam to allow the adult-only games. The two new filters were the adult-only filter and the mature content filter. These filters help people who do not want to see these types of games showing up on their Steam marketplace search. The new filters were designed to warn people about graphic or explicit games that were designed for adults.

China Doesn’t Have Adult-Only Games on Steam

If you are in China and you try searching “Negligee: Love Stories” as an example, it will not show up at all. This game in particular was one of the first completely uncensored games to hit Steam within the recent couple weeks. It is a pretty popular game, although definitely earns the adult-only rating. You cannot find this game if you search Steam for it within China. If you did not know, the PC gamers over in China love Steam, and it is one of the most used gaming platforms. Given the popularity of Steam over in China, we are a little surprised that those adult-only games are completely unavailable.

It was around a year ago that China really started to use Steam, which was because of the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The gamers over in China love this game, although Steam is actually not officially available within China. What we mean by that is that the Chinese government has not actually given the okay for Steam to be available within the country.

Even though the government did not greenlight Steam, people can still purchase games from the PC gaming platform. There are a lot of games though, which are not approved by the media regulator of China. For Steam, this has always been a very gray area legally when it comes to China.

Adult-Only Games Blocked on Steam in China as No Official Version has Been Released

While there is no official version of Steam released for China, it does appear that at some point it will happen. The fear of many is that the approved Chinese version of Steam will be very censored compared to the original version of Steam that people in America and elsewhere have. Foreign game access could end up fairly restricted too, since most regulators in China would not approve of many of the games. The Grand Theft Auto series of games in particular is likely to never be approved by the regulators in China.

Even the Steam Community page is blocked in China, which is weird since the Community page is pretty tame overall. Sometimes the main Steam marketplace and Store is blocked, although it often times will come back after a while. Most people speculate that the adult-only games have been blocked by Steam in China to stop an official block from happening.

If Steam allowed the adult-only games in China, then the odds are that the entire platform would then be blocked by the regulators. The gaming industry has been under scrutiny from the Chinese government, and online content deemed as inappropriate are being targeted. No official blocks or bans have happened as of right now, and Valve seemingly is trying to stay in the good graces of the Chinese government.