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Steam Breaks Concurrent User Record & Adds Support for Australian Dollars

Oct 28, 2018

Valve just announced that Steam has broken a previous concurrent user record. The new peak for concurrent users on the gaming platform is now 18.5 million. This is a huge increase and definitely is great news for Valve. That news was released during Melbourne Game Week.

There were two Valve developers that were present to talk about that and other upcoming Steam news. One of the other things that we learned during Melbourne Games Week is that there is now support for Australian Dollars. We have all of the latest news from the Steam world, including the new concurrent user record information. Keep reading to learn more about the new Australian Dollars support and other cool Steam details.

Concurrent User Record Now 18.5 Million on Steam

During Melbourne Games Week, two developers from Valve showed up to talk about what is going on in the Steam gaming world. One of the things that we learned was that the concurrent user record has been broken. The new record for the concurrent users on the gaming platform stands at 18.5 million. The two developers also went onto talk about how many active users are now on Steam.

Since the concurrent user count has now peaked to 18.5 million, you can bet that there are millions of active users on Steam each day. The developers, Sean Jenkin and Kristian Miller, said that there is now 47 million active users daily on Steam. Putting that into a monthly number, you have about 90 million active users on Steam per month. That is pretty impressive news, but even more impressive is the number of purchases now being made on Steam each month. In one month, there are about 1.6 million purchases made on the Steam platform.

Steam Breaks Concurrent User Record & Brings Support for Australian Dollars

Another great announcement was that Steam was about to support Australian Dollars. It is great news that we are finally going to see support for the Australian Dollar. This new support means if you live in Australia, you will now be able to use the official currency of the country on the Steam store. The plans are that support for Australian Dollars would be coming sometime in November.

That is great news because on Steam, the prices have been shown in US dollars in Australia. For people in Australia, this required a conversion of American money to Australian money. If you have been keeping track of this, the prices for the Australian Dollar have gone up and down recently. This fluctuation made it hard to know just how much a game was going to cost you until you actually checked out.

The support for the Australian Dollar is developer-controlled, which means that not all developers are going to show the prices in Australian Dollars. A developer can keep the prices in their own currency if they want. That means the user will have to do the conversion before deciding to purchase a game. If the country does not have the local currency supported through Steam, it will just show and convert to USD.

Concurrent User Record Broken on Steam as Active Users Grow

We are definitely happy to report the news that the concurrent user count on Steam has broken another record. As the active daily user count grows, there will only be more records broken in the future. The support of Australian Dollars is also great news for Valve and Steam. A lot of people have been requesting that Australian Dollars be supported on the Steam store for a while now. It is great news that within a month or so, we will finally see support for the Australian Dollars.

If you have just recently signed onto Steam, we want to hear from you. Which game was it that really piqued your interest and got you to sign up for Steam? Are there games coming out in the future that you want to play and that is why you signed up for Steam? The concurrent user count will be breaking more records in the future, but how high do you think it will go? Are you one of the many Australian players that was hoping support for the Australian Dollar would come to Steam? Let us know what you think of all of this news in the comment section below.