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Steam Chat Now Available to All as Feature Exits Beta

Jul 30, 2018

Great news if you have been waiting to try out the newly-overhauled Steam Chat, as it is now available to everyone. The Steam Chat has been in a beta for a while now, but it has released officially to the public outside of the beta. We are super happy about this news because we have been waiting for the stable version to be released for months now. As you might remember, back in the day, the chat platform on Steam was one of the best and easiest ways for you to talk to your friends on Steam.

Discord eventually overtook Steam Chat as the main social community, as it was enhancing and adding features constantly. Soon, all of the new features of other chat clients overtook Steam Chat, and then Valve seemed to forget about it altogether. Valve has been working on a complete overhaul of the Steam Chat, making it more like Discord, and now you can try it for yourself. Keep reading to learn more about this Steam Chat overhaul and what you can do in the chat client.

Steam Chat Overhauled & Released to Public After Beta Testing

Once upon a time, the Steam Chat client was really one of the best out there if you wanted to talk to friends about games or anything else. As other chat clients popped up, Steam Chat fell behind in terms of features and functionality. After a while, Discord was created and that is where people went for socializing and talking. Now, Valve is putting effort back into Steam Chat, giving it a complete overhaul in 2018.

The Steam Chat overhaul has been in beta testing for a while now, but it was officially pulled out of beta and has been released to all. The newly-overhauled chat client takes a lot of functionality and features from Discord and other similar chat clients. People considered Discord to be the gamer version of Slack.

Slack is one of the most popular chat client for professionals. The new Steam Chat takes a lot of ideas from both Slack and Discord and created an entirely new and updated chat experience. You will mostly find that the new chat client is more like Discord than anything else, which is not a bad thing.

Steam Chat Released as Redesign & New Features Added

Valve has added a ton of new features to the Steam Chat, including text channels and voice channels. There are also new abilities to embed videos, tweets, and pictures into your conversations in Steam Chat. One of the biggest additions to the newly-overhauled Steam Chat is the ability to just send a link to someone in order to invite them into your group chat. You can invite anyone you want into the group chat, and all you have to do is send them the link to your chat.

The interface itself also was completely overhauled in the redesign, with a more modern approach and a lot more intuitive design elements. You will notice how much easier it is now to do simple things, such as adding your friend to a voice chat. All you have to do now is just drag and drop that person from the friend list into the chat window itself. The process of doing the most common things you want to do is much easier and simpler with this chat interface change.

Steam Chat Redesign Now Available to All & Demonstration Available for Users

If you want to check out a demonstration of the new Steam Chat, you can do that by going to the Steam website. Valve wants you to check out the newly-overhauled chat client and try it out for yourself to see just how amazing it really is. You will notice that the friends are also now grouped by which games they are playing.

This will also show you the parties that your friends are in currently. If you have certain friends you message the most, you can move them to the top of that list so you can keep your eyes on them. That makes it a lot easier to just click them to begin talking to them, so keep the best friends up top for the easiest communication possible. There are several other changes you might notice too, but you can head to the Steam website to check out the demonstration to see all of these changes.

Steam Chat Officially Released & We Want Your Thoughts

Some things will look the same, including some of the same features and functions you had before. Valve is trying to modernize the Steam Chat with this update, bringing much-requested features to the gaming audience. We are definitely happy how Valve has changed the chat client, including making it very similar to Discord.

Once you have tried out the new chat client for yourself, come back here and tell us what you think about it. Do you like how much Steam Chat now seems to work similar to Discord? Is Valve heading in the right direction with the new chat client? Are you going to stick with Discord even after these changes or will you be giving this Steam Chat a try? Tell us what else you would like to see added to this chat client and how Valve can continue to modernize and improve it in the comments below.