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Steam Client Update Adds Streaming to Multiple Devices

Oct 20, 2018

We have great news for you this weekend as there is a new Steam client update rolling out right now. There are several changes and new features in this Steam client update. One of the biggest new additions added is the ability to stream to multiple devices. This will allow you to play in local co-op which is really good news for people who enjoy multiplayer. We have all of the latest news about the new Steam client update, so keep reading to learn more.

Steam Client Update Brings Streaming Ability to Multiple Devices

The biggest and best new addition we see with the Steam client update is that you can now stream to multiple devices using Steam Link. This is a great addition for people who want to play a local co-op, and it allows for streaming simultaneously to various devices. You will only need to have a high-quality Wi-Fi network in order to use this feature. The addition to Steam Link is going to definitely help you when it comes time to play a multiplayer game within your local area.

Along with the ability to stream to multiple devices at the same time, you will also be able to utilize your Android phone. Your Android phone can now act as a touch controller, which is a really neat feature. You will be able to both disable the video and audio within the Steam Link app just by clicking a button. We love this addition because using your Android phone as a touch controller is going to make things so much easier.

Steam Client Update Also Brings Steam Chat Changes

You will also find a ton of new additions and changes for Steam Chat in this Steam client update. There is now a scrollable option for your chat tabs, which is really cool. If you are in the Friends Voice settings, you can also now test out your microphone. The ability to test out the microphone should have already been a feature, but better late than never in that regard.

You will also find that if you are using Open Mic, there is now support for the mute to be on or off with just a hot-key toggle. The bug was fixed that was causing some duplicate sounds when it came to friends going into a game or coming online. Beyond that, you will also notice some general improvements for the Steam client overall.

General improvements in this update include two new languages to the Steam client user interface. Those languages are Latin American Spanish and Vietnamese. Other general improvements include allowing the language selection before you decide to install a game if the language currently is not supported. Chromium 68 was also added to the Steam client in this update.

Steam Client Update Adds Many Fixes to Issues

You will find a ton of fixes in this new Steam client update too, such as for the Big Picture mode. Other issues were fixed that caused some crashes and other issues. You will find all of the improvements and bug fixes in the release notes on the Steam website. You can head to Steam right now to download the new Steam client update to your PC or Steam Link right now. Once you have tried out the new Steam client update, we want to hear from you.

Do you think that there were enough issues fixed in this Steam client update? Do you like the new ability to play local co-op thanks to the ability to stream to multiple devices simultaneously? What other features do you hope comes to Steam or Steam Link in the future? If you have tried out using your Android device as a touch controller, we also want to know how that is working out. Let us know in the comments below what you think about the new changes once you have tried them out for yourself.