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Steam Hardware Survey for June 2018 Shows Windows 10 Dominance

Jul 9, 2018

The new Steam hardware survey was just released for June 2018, and it is showing quite a shift. We learned a couple weeks ago that Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be supported on Steam. Valve made this announcement a couple weeks ago, although it will not be implemented until January 2019. We have the latest information about the new Steam hardware survey for June 2018, so keep reading to learn about those results.

Steam Hardware Survey for June 2018 Shows Windows 10 is Gaining Ground

We just got the latest information from Valve about the Steam hardware survey for June 2018. This comes about two weeks after Valve announced that Windows Vista and Windows XP are no longer going to be supported by the gaming platform in 2019. That is not too surprising of news though, since those two Windows platforms are severely outdated. The 32-bit version of Windows XP did still have some teeth in the May survey, but it was only .22 percent. Windows XP 32-bit in the June 2018 survey shows only a .1 percent share.

Looking at Windows 10, it seems to be the most dominant out of all of the Windows platforms. The 64-bit version of Windows 10 increased to 57.03 percent share. That is a rise of 1.5 percent, which is pretty amazing for the Windows 10 system. The Windows 10 32-bit version only had .1 percent share of the Steam user base, which is pretty low.

Looking further at the other platforms, Linux and macOS were both also represented in the survey. The macOS platform ended up with 2.93 percent share in the Steam hardware survey for June 2018. Linux had less of a share with it coming in at .52 percent, which is pretty low for this platform. Both macOS and Linux lost ground in the newest hardware study. Linux lost .29 percent this month, while macOS lost .12 percent share.

Steam Hardware Survey for June 2018 Also Looked at CPU Hardware

Found within the Steam hardware survey for June 2018, is some information on the CPU hardware people use while on Steam. The Windows-based systems that were quad-core wound up with a loss this month of .94 percent share for June 2018. That still meant it was the leader overall, as it managed 59.57 percent share for the Steam users. The hexa-core CPU systems ended up gaining .62 percent share this past month.

The dual-core CPU also gained this month, but only gained .35 percent share. Interestingly enough, the 18-core CPUs that are Windows-based gained .01 percent share, which is the first time that it has happened. Nvidia held strong in the video card category, which is no surprise. Nvidia managed 74.32 percent share on the Steam systems, while AMD ended up losing .1 percent share. This led AMD to falling down to 15.1 percent share.

Steam Hardware Survey for June 2018 Also Showed Some VR Statistics

Only about .7 percent of all people on Steam are using VR hardware, according to the June 2018 Steam hardware study. It is still a big competition between HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, with Oculus Rift getting .33 percent market share. The HTC Vive on the other hand, ended up with .32 percent share on Steam.

Between these two alone, it made up 93.75 percent share of all the VR user base on Steam. The rest of the shares went to the Windows Mixed Reality. It is important to note that all of the information within the Steam hardware survey is only a base line of what might be happening on Steam. The survey is optional to fill out and the participant is the one who fills out the survey. It is because of this that there could be deviations from the actual numbers and what is represented on the Steam hardware survey.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of all of this news. Are you someone who uses VR on Steam? Do you think that VR is going to end up falling off on Steam or gain more ground in the coming months? Are you surprised that Windows 10 makes up such a high group on Steam? Which system do you use and which system do you think works best with the Steam platform? Tell us what you think overall of PC gaming too, and whether or not you think PC gaming will continue gaining ground on the consoles out there.