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Steam Hits 1 Billion Registered Accounts as Epic Games Store Battle Rages On

May 7, 2019

Some great news coming out of Steam this past weekend as the PC gaming platform crossed 1 billion registered accounts. The 1 billionth user mark was hit on Sunday, although there really aren’t that many active players on the platform. This huge milestone comes at a time when the battle between Steam and Epic Games Store continues to rage on with Epic Games Store getting more users every single day. If you like Valve then read on to learn more about the 1 billionth user on Steam milestone and what it might mean for the platform.

Steam Crosses 1 Billion in Registered Accounts

This is a huge milestone for Valve that Steam has crossed the 1 billionth registered user mark. It happened on Sunday and this is something we are very excited about. According to the Steam ID Finder, the 1 billionth registered user was “amusedsilentdragonfly” and there have been ever more registrations since then. Even though there are 1 billion registered users on Steam, it does not mean 1 billion people are playing on the PC gaming platform.

The best way to know how many active users there are is to look at the monthly active user statistics. Some of the billion on Steam are alternate accounts or even spam bots, so it’s not like there are 1 billion people out of over 7 billion worldwide on Steam. When you want to know just how many users really are on Steam the most accurate is the monthly active user details. Valve released information back in October 2018 which showed more than 90 million active users are on Steam.

Active Users on Steam Climbs Yearly As Registered Users Hits 1 Billion

Hitting that 1 billion mark is great for Steam, but having more than 90 million active users monthly is an even bigger feat. The 90 million active users in 2018 was up over 23 million from 2017, which is great news for Valve. When looking at the users on Steam, it appears more people are coming from China. Steam has grown in popularity in China over the past couple years.

Some statistics show more than 30 million active monthly users are from China. That is pretty impressive that about one-third of the monthly active users are coming from China alone. Epic Games Store is trying to bring competition and it has done a pretty good job here lately at that. Even though Epic Games Store is getting exclusive rights to some digital games like Borderlands 3, Steam is showing that it’s still the best and still reigns supreme.

Some people have issues with Epic Games Store and that is why they are sticking with Steam, at least for now. Developers have been more supportive of Epic Games Store because it only takes a 12 percent revenue cut. Valve on the other hand takes a 30 percent revenue cut from developers.

Valve has Dominated the PC Gaming Market but Competition Could Change That

The 1 billionth registered user on Steam is huge and it’s showing that Valve still has a stranglehold on the PC gaming market. Steam has dominated the PC gaming market since basically the beginning, although Epic Games Store could end up changing that at some point down the road. Epic Games Store buying the exclusive rights to Borderlands 3 and other games could really impact Steam. The main issue is that Epic Games Store is investing in new technology whereas Steam has remained a bit stagnant in this area.

If Epic Games Store continues investing in the technology and Valve does not do the same with Steam, then we might see Steam losing appeal within the next year or two. Valve has had a monopoly with Steam in the digital games marketplace for so long, but don’t expect that to last. As for Epic Games Store, last week it said that it would end exclusive deals if Valve could commit to an 88 percent share of revenue to the developers of the games.

There is a battle right now between Steam and Epic Games Store, but hitting 1 billion registered users shows that Steam is still the leader and could remain the leader unless Epic Games does something really outside of the box. Leave us a comment below and tell us whether or not you have tried Epic Games Store. Do you think Epic Games Store is really competition for Steam? Are you someone who is going to stick to Steam regardless of what Epic Games Store does?