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    Steam Machines Preview Part 3 – Maingear Drift & Materiel.net Machines

    Sep 23, 2015

    This is part three of the Steam Machines Preview.

    Maingear Drift


    The Maingear Drift comes in the form of a square box, which you can also either place horizontally or vertically. While the Maingear Drift might not be as popular as, for example, the Alienware or Asus Steam Machines, it should still not be underestimated.

    Just like many of the other Steam Machines, the Maingear Drift comes in different models and has the cheapest price compared to its specifications. However, the manufacture of the Maingear Drift did not announce the prices for all of the different Maingear Drift models.

    The most high-end Maingear Drift Steam Machine comes with an Intel i7 processor and a NVIDIA GTX 980 graphics card. You also get the option to up the system memory to 16GB of RAM and are able to implement two 1TB solid-state hard drives. A very positive aspect in the Maingear Drift is that it uses liquid cooling, which most likely will keep the machine quieter compared to the Steam Machines with regular fans.

    The different models of the Maingear Drift can have a CPU up to Intel Core 4790K and a GPU up to NVIDIA Gefore GTX 980 and AMD R9 290X. The machine can have a maximum of up to two 1TB SSDs and one 6TB HDD. It can support up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM memory and has an Epic 120 Liquid Cooling system. The price for the Maingear Drift starts at $850, but the better the specifications are, the more you are going to have to pay.

    Materiel.net Steam Machine


    The Materiel.net Steam Machine comes in the form of a subwoofer, and if you would ask me, it also looks like one. However, it has a very study look and would easily fit a regular living room. The machine is black, has several USB ports on the side and logos on the front. Manufacturer Materiel.net decided to keep things simple and cleverly named their PC gaming machine “Steam Machine”.

    The specifications for the Materiel.net Steam Machine is not final yet; however, it is known that it will have an Intel i5 processor and comes with a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 graphics card. The storage disk is said to be a one terabyte hybrid drive.

    The Materiel.net Steam Machine has an Intel Core 4440 CPU and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 OC GPU. The memory is yet to be determined; however, we can expect it to be at least 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The storage disk is a 1TB hybrid drive, but can be changed for a solid-state hybrid drive, if you wish to speed up your Steam Machine. The price for the Materiel.net Steam Machine is $899,99.



    Just like the Materiel.net Steam Machine, the NextBox also is in the form of a subwoofer, and even has a grill on the front of the machine, just like the ones you would see on a speaker or subwoofer. The manufacturers of the NextBox Steam Machine have cleverly called their machine similarly to the popular XBOX console. The NextBox Steam Machine even has a green X logo on the front of it, and green steam logos on both the right and left sides.

    The NextBox Steam Machine will come in three different models, which can be considered as mid-to-high end systems. This machine is great for people who simply want to be able to play relatively new games, or new games with low settings. The first model comes with an Intel i3 processor and a NVIDIA GTX 750 graphics card. It also has 8GB of system memory RAM and a one terabyte hard drive.

    The most high-end NextBox Steam Machine comes with an Intel Core i5 4460 CPU and a NVIDIA Gefore GTX 970 GPU. It also has 8GB of DDR3 memory RAM and a storage capacity of 512GB SSD. The price for the NextBox Steam Machine starts at $799,99, while the most high-end model will cost you $1299,99. The price for the mid-tier model of the NextBox Steam Machine has not yet been determined by the manufacturers.