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Steam Review System Changes to Curb Vote Manipulation

Nov 21, 2017

Valve has made some more changes to the Steam Review System in order to try to curb vote manipulation. Valve wants the new review system on Steam to be better at finding helpful reviews for people looking at buying a new game. With the new Steam Review System changes, the people who have a smaller number of reviews are going to fare better. The less reviews you have, the more your opinion is going to matter to Steam. Read on to learn about all of the changes that are coming to the Steam Review System courtesy of Valve.

Steam Review System Changes Coming Soon

It is important to note first, that the Steam Review System changes are currently in beta mode. This means that you can turn the changes on and off for now. To do this, you will need to go down to the review section of the game and look for the review beta option. From there, you can toggle this on or off since it is in beta. The new Steam Review System changes are designed to help stop voting manipulation. If you were unaware of how that works, most vote manipulation often times is coming from bots or computer programs. Valve might bring even more changes to the review system in the future.

The biggest changes you will see include seeing negative and positive reviews of the game in the ratio total. The other change involves seeing the person who has less reviews on the platform getting a higher rated opinion. The opinion of the person with less reviews is going to weigh more heavily on the overall Steam Review System. Valve is hoping these changes will help those looking to buy a game and will quickly bring the players to the helpful reviews. One of the biggest peeves of Steam is that the Steam Review System has been plagued by problems. One problem is downvotes of the positive reviews for things that are happening outside of Steam. Negative reviews of games because of things outside of Steam are also happening. Vote manipulation, as it is called, is a real problem for Steam.

Valve Looking to Crack Down on Steam Review System with New Changes

Valve is trying to crack down on the vote manipulation and other issues occurring in the Steam Review System with the new changes. The company wants to basically reduce the overall impact that someone has. Specifically, when they rate a lot of negative reviews within a short time period. The hope is that the useful real reviews will be more visible to the public, which can help you make a better decision on which game to purchase. By giving priority to the people with less reviews but that are higher-quality, Valve is hoping this can clean up the Steam Review System.

A lot of the voting manipulation is done by bots. Often times more than 10,000 reviews are being downvoted or upvoted for one game alone. This means that you are not getting a clear or honest opinion on whether the review is helpful or not. Mostly that is due to it being manipulation and not an honest answer. The new changes will still allow people with a lot of reviews to impact the system. If it looks like it came from a bot, it will not be counted the same. The hope is that between these two new changes to the Steam Review System, the Store will be better. People will be able to see a better overall picture of the game in terms of quality and whether or not it is worth buying. We are not sure when the new Steam Review System changes will be implemented fully, since it is still in a beta mode.