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Steam Trading Cards Update Aims to Stop Abuse

May 21, 2017

The Steam trading cards economy is getting messed up according to Valve. Valve said that there are games on Steam that are fake and have been screwing up how the Steam trading cards system works. Due to the amount of fakery with the games and Steam trading cards, there is going to be an update to the cards to help prevent and stop the abuse. If you have a Steam account, read on to learn more about the new update and how it will work.

Steam Trading Cards Updating to Prevent Fakery

When you think of Steam, you might not think about the problems that are going on with Steam trading cards, but there is a huge issue that has been going on for a long while. Valve is saying that there is some fakery going on with games that is leading to a mess with the Steam trading cards economy. Basically, people have figured out how to go about card farming by manipulating the Steam Greenlight system.

The big problem here is that the Steam trading cards are a really big thing in Steam; Valve did not think it would become a huge hit like it has over the years. Basically, Valve just wanted there to be a way that gamers on Steam could earn collectible items for their favorite games. Developers would get more out of the deal as well since it would add a special layer to the games, and people would want the cards. If enough people wanted the cards, then the developers would see more money and more people would be interested. According to Valve though, the popularity of Steam trading cards is where the problem is.

There are fake games being released on Steam, with the sole intent of people trying to make money by getting people to buy the Steam trading cards. The developers are essentially fake developers, and they are trying to get the Steam keys generated for their games. The real problem is those fake developers are handing out the Steam keys to bots and not real players. These

These bots go in and collect all of the Steam trading cards. This means that no one is buying them or seeing them because there are no real players in the game. The developers are earning money by farming these cards instead of what the Steam trading cards was intended for. Valve did say that no one really is being negatively affected by the “fake” Steam trading cards scam.

What Steam Trading Cards Issue Does to Steam

The major issue out of this is that the Steam Store algorithm is being messed up by those games that are generating the Steam trading cards. This means that the Steam Store is not going to work how it should because it relies on the accuracy of that algorithm. So we have a situation where the Steam Store is thinking a game is super popular and that a ton of people are playing it.

The real truth though is that bots are playing to get the Steam trading cards. There is a ton of “player activity” in these fake games that are doing nothing but farming the trading cards, so it looks like people are legit playing. The algorithm does not know the difference between a bot and a real player, thus the Steam Store algorithm is not accurate.

Valve does not want to remove the financial aspect from the Steam trading cards because that would hurt the legit developers and gamers out there. Valve is now putting out a confidence metric system, which is aimed at stopping the games from giving out the Steam trading cards until real people are purchasing and playing the game. Once real people have played and purchased the game, the Steam trading cards will continue to be available as normal to the players. There are some people on Steam though that think this is a bad idea, including some users who think that small games will be negatively affected.

Valve continued on the blog by saying that not too many people or developers will be affected by the Steam trading cards change. Valve also said that even if some people are negatively affected by the change, it is well-worth it in the long run because it will help weed out the fakery going on. So essentially, what negatives there might be will be very insignificant when you look at the positives that this change will bring down the road. Valve is looking at it from a data standpoint and believes that the Steam Store algorithm and data will be best served by these changes.