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Steamburg Game Coming to Android & iOS

May 12, 2017

Steamburg is a puzzle and adventure game that is brought to you by Telehorse Games. It is currently still undergoing development and close to making its way straight to the Google Play store and the Apple iOS store. It was originally set to release late 2016, but unfortunately, had to be delayed due to unknown reasons with the developers. Telehorse Games has some other award winning games under their belt, such as a multi award winning game called Steampunker. Telehorse games typically have steam punk art style, and are heavily story based. Steamburg had originally been showcased at a gaming convention in Helsinki, where it won multiple awards such as the best Storytelling game. Given the game’s record for winning awards before it has been officially released, fans are anxiously waiting for the release of Steamburg.

Steamburg is set in a very classic steam punk world. In fact, anyone who is familiar with their previous game, Steampunker, will recognize the world in which Steamburg takes place. Steamburg is kind of the little brother to Steampunker, being that it is set in the same world and features many of the same characters. I highly suggest anyone who is looking forward to Steamburg go and check out the successor, Steampunker. The game follows main character Vincent, who is fighting in the town of Steamburg. He is fighting off against alien robots who have come down from space with the intention of trying to take over the world.

Unfortunately for our hero Vincent, the only weapon that he possess are a mass of electrical bombs that he created. Even more unfortunate is that these bombs cannot fully destroy the robots that are invading his town, in fact, they can only shock them causing them to be temporarily paralyzed. Vincent must navigate the streets of Steamburg using these bomb to his advantage by paralyzing any robots that he encounters, and using the magnetics of the town to his advantage.

As you progress through Steamburg, you will be able to upgrade Vincent and all of his weapons. The game has a lot of customizability to it and fans will enjoy getting through the game with new weapons. The game gets harder and harder as you continue to make your way through the town, as you will encounter new types of enemies, new types of puzzles, and new obstacles that stand in your way. In addition to all of these variables, Vincent must not forget about saving his town from the invaders.

Steamburg currently has four chapters, each of which feature 8 different “scenes” as they are called. The game kind of plays like a movie, telling a brilliant story of a hero who is tasked with an almost impossible feat. The developers have estimated that the game takes approximately four to five hours to complete from start to finish, which means the game will have a ton of depth to it. This is something somewhat new to the mobile platform, as we are not used to seeing such complex story based games. Steamburg is also planning on releasing a computer version of the game, which will most likely be available on the Steam marketplace and have additional content.

All of the graphics that are in Steamburg are derived from its big brother, Steampunker. For those who are not familiar with the first game, it features a ton of steam punk art work. Steam punk is a genre that deals with machinery that is steam powered, rather than modern technology. It is a very distinct style of art that cannot be mistaken, and that is part of what makes this game so unique. In addition to having all of this unique and hand drawn art work, the game also has a completely original sound track.

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We’ll have the latest cheats and tips for Steamburg as soon as they’re available!

Telehorse Games contacted Silver Rocket, an organization that specializes in game music, to make the music for this game. Each level and boss that the player encounters will have its own special theme, which will definitely add to the game and the general feeling that the game gives off. Personally, I love the fact that they contacted someone to make music exclusively for this game, as it will definitely enhance the experience when players are playing through the game. The one thing that any heavy story based game needs is music, and I believe, based off the leaked music and trailers that have been released, that Silver Rocket has done a great job at producing music that will make the game feel more atmospheric and complete.

As far as I know, Steamburg will not have any sort of in app purchases, and be free for every platform. This is only speculation, but based off of their previous games and their development history, Steamburg will most likely be free and it is already confirmed to be coming out for every platform. The development team are still putting out Tweets and Facebook posts, so the game is still in development and soon to be released. As I said above, I speculate that the game will be coming out in the summer of 2018, as that is what the developers have hinted at. It’s been a long wait for some fans, but the somewhat sequel to Steampunker will definitely be coming out relatively soon.

I would definitely recommend Steamburg to anyone who is looking for a story based game to kill some time. This game is purely a story based game, and will not feature any sort of online capabilities, or extras like that. This genre is definitely only for certain people, but I would recommend this game to almost anyone because it promises to be such an amazing game with all that has been released thus far. You can really tell that the developers are putting a lot of work into the game, simply by the fact that they are going around to different conventions and displaying the game for as many people as they can.

Steamburg will be available for every platform, so there is no need to worry that you will miss out because you do not own a specific kind of phone. I am very optimistic for this game, and I am confident that it will be a best seller when it does finally reach the marketplaces. Be sure to stay up to date with all of the Steamburg issue either by looking for an update on this website, or by going to their official twitter which can be found on the main Steamburg game website.